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Micro-Resurfacing and Its Benefits Revealing a More Vibrant, Confident YOU

Micro-Resurfacing with Infusion

Resurface, Reduce Pores, Rejuvenate

Price Range $150 to $225

Dermasweep MD- Superior to Microdermabrasion, Micro-resurfacing evenly exfoliates the superficial upper layers of the skin to reveal smooth, revitalized, vibrant skin. Dermasweep MD incorporates a dry exfoliation, followed by a solution infused directly into the skin to target specific conditions such as discoloration, congestion, fine lines, dehydration and large pores. Dermasweep MD is an enjoyable treatment that feels like a deep skin vacuuming followed by a cooling infusion of selected solutions which are penetrated deeply due to reverse suctioning. The result is a healthy, vibrant glow and skin that tingles with invigoration. This is an excellent choice for maintaining proper skin health and is especially good for congested, acne prone skin. Suitable for Any skin type/condition other than active acne

  • 45 Minutes

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