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Fat Transfer Procedures in Redwood City

Look Your Most Radiant with Beautiful Body Contours

Also known as fat grafting and/or injections, fat transfers can effectively remove the bumps and bulges you don’t want and add volume to areas you want to look fuller. Many patients choose fat grafting because they dislike the lack of volume they have in certain areas of the body, particularly the hands, face, breasts, or buttocks. This loss of volume can make you feel deflated and hollowed out, even older than your years. Fat grafting is safe, long-lasting, and well-tolerated among the thousands of people who undergo this procedure every year.

Our goal at GLOW Surgical Arts is to make sure you achieve the most beautiful, natural-looking results and that you have the easiest, most comfortable experience possible.

You may want to consider fat transfer if the following applies to you:

  • You have creased or sunken-in areas on your face
  • You want a more permanent correction than what fillers can provide
  • You wish to improve your body contours, revise scars, or rejuvenate the face
  • You wish to fill in irregularities of the breasts, buttocks, or abdomen

How Is the Fat Transfer Procedure Done?

Fat transfer is a surgical procedure performed using tumescent anesthesia with or without IV sedation. Before fat can be transferred, it is harvested from one area of the body, washed and purified, and then carefully reinjected (placed) into areas of the body where you would like augmentation. Harvesting the fat is done by creating a small incision and using a sterile technique, a thin hollow metal tube called a cannula is connected to a syringe to carefully extract the fat (liposuction). Once the fat is obtained, your cosmetic surgeon will process it to prepare the fat cells for transfer.

The placement portion of fat grafting involves inserting a cannula into the incision point of the area that will be augmented. The procedure may need to be performed more than once for optimal results.

Prime Areas for Fat Transfer

  • Facial fat transfer: Fat can be transferred from the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, or other areas to correct flaws like laugh lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, and sunken-in cheeks. It can even be used to plump the lips or minimize forehead wrinkles.
  • Breast augmentation: Women who desire a modest increase in breast size may be good candidates for a fat transfer to the breasts, but must already have good breast shape and skin tone. Fat transfer is not ideal for women who have poor skin, sagging breasts, or want a significant increase in size.
  • Breast implants with fat grafting: If your breast implants left some irregularities in your breast shape, fat grafting may be useful to fill in the imperfect areas and produce a smooth contour and nice shape.
  • Breast reconstruction with fat grafting: Women who have had a lumpectomy can effectively fill in the defects of the affected breast. It is also an option for women after double mastectomy; however, achieving sufficient breast volume usually requires a multistage process and at least 2 to 4 sequential fat grafting procedures.
  • Buttocks fat transfer: Sometimes called a “Brazilian butt lift,” this procedure uses fat transfer to the buttocks for a more curvaceous behind without the use of implants.
  • Hand rejuvenation with fat grafting: This can be a remarkable treatment for those who want more youthful-looking hands so underlying vessels and tendons do not protrude unpleasantly.

Am I a Good Candidate for Fat Transfer?

Being a good candidate for fat transfer means having a positive attitude and realistic expectations, among other considerations. It is important to note that you must have sufficient fat from the donor sites where the fat can be taken. While it is possible to gain weight for the fat transfer, if you lose weight again, it’s also possible that you’ll lose the fat from where it was transferred. You may, instead, be a better candidate for dermal fillers (for facial work) or implants (for example, for buttock augmentation). Those who smoke or have poor circulation are also not considered good candidates for fat transfer. Smokers are required to stop smoking at least 6 weeks before their procedure. Failure to quit smoking can impede results and take wounds longer to heal.

Contact Us to Discuss Fat Transfer in Redwood City

Feel like your body contours aren’t as beautiful as they could be? You might want to consider fat transfer at GLOW Surgical Arts. To learn more about any of the procedures we offer at our med spa, schedule a consultation today for further information.

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