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Overview of Medical Grade Chemical Peels

Chemical peel is a broad term that describes when multiple techniques are used to improve the physical appearance of the skin on a person's face, neck or hands. You've probably seen chemical peels done in a beauty shop, but there are chemical grade medical peels that only should be performed under physician supervision. These specialized treatments are used to reverse issues such as sun damage, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and unwanted freckles in a safe way. These treatments are performed in the safety and comfort of GLOW Surgical Arts' state-of-the-art medical spa in Redwood City. Not all chemical peels are the same. Certain peels were made to accomplish certain goals and some peels are higher in strength. The staff at GLOW Surgical Arts wants you to know the differences and similarities between the medical grade chemical peels we offer.

The level or grade of your medical peel is what differentiates it from other chemical peels. A very superficial or superficial chemical peel only is intended as a surface treatment. This procedure is designed to get rid of dry skin and address minor issues with texture or discoloration. This chemical peel has little to no downtime and is the lowest grade available.

Following our graduation scale, medium chemical peels are next. These treatments and procedures most often are used to correct fine lines and acne. While this can be a one-time-only treatment it may require multiple procedures to achieve the full desired effect. Medium chemical peels can require a small amount of downtime. How long depends upon your body's healing capabilities.

Finally, GLOW Surgical Arts offers deep chemical peels. The treatment removes moderate lines, age spots, freckles, and shallow scars, or any type of damaged cells all the way down to the middle layer of the skin. This medical peel lasts the longest and delivers the best results, but it does require downtime. The intensity of a deep chemical peel means you have to stay out of sunlight for some time and take certain precautions to keep your skin safe and feeling great.

A medical grade chemical peel is an outpatient procedure. After completion, you should be able to go home right away. All medical grade chemical peels are designed to make your face look younger and tighter, while even brightening your skin. The professionals at GLOW Surgical Arts want you to leave that day feeling younger, happier, and have a healthy glow about you.

Chemical peels in Redwood City

Your chemical peel needs to be tailored based upon your skin's unique color, texture, and elasticity. The type of peel you want should be discussed with the professionals at GLOW Surgical Arts for the desired result. Whether you are interested in a very superficial, superficial, medium, or a deep chemical peel, we are here to help you. Contact your Bay Area, cosmetic surgeons, today if you live in the Redwood City, CA, area at (650) 241-2209 to discuss chemical peels or any of the other non-surgical procedures we offer that can reveal a more vibrant, confident you!