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The Best Non-Surgical Aging Neck Treatments

As we age, many of us are comfortable with the changes time brings. We grow. We change. That’s life.  But something that people almost universally find challenging to accept is changes in the appearance of their necks as they age. Everyone’s neck will change, but luckily there are options. At GLOW Surgical Arts, Dr. Paul Gorman and Dr. Renee Marshall want to help you make you more confident in your neck's appearance.

The professionals at GLOW Surgical Arts want you to know that surgical treatments to remove skin and fat or to tighten the jawline are always an option. Liposuction performed under the jaw, or a neck lift can be performed together or alone and can provide dramatic results. However, many patients do not want to have surgery or want an additional procedure if their chosen surgery didn't produce the level of change they wanted. Dr. Gorman and Dr. Marshall have some suggestions for the non-surgical options that you desire.

  1. Laser Resurfacing: A non-ablative CO2 laser has been known to improve lines, texture, surface abnormalities, and provide tissue tightening. We use the SmartSkin CO2 laser at our Medical Spa in Redwood City.
  2. Intense Pulsed Light: IPL refers to a series of treatments used to improve texture or discolorations that are red or brown. Unlike a laser treatment, which exposes your skin to one consistent beam of light, IPL uses different wavelengths of light. This treatment, though common, should be done by a professional, such as the cosmetic surgeons at GLOW Surgical Arts.
  3. Injections: Whether it is Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin, all of these injections are used to help with many aspects of aging skin. Botox treatments soften vertical lines and bands that are actually caused by muscle contractions. GLOW Surgical Arts has used injections alone or in combination with other non-surgical and surgical neck lifting procedures.

No matter the situation, a key to maintaining a healthy-looking neck is sunscreen. It can be quickly applied every day in about half a minute, either as sunblock or through a lotion containing SPF sun protection. Sun exposure induces aging effects such as collagen breakdown, or areas of red and brown discoloration.

GLOW Surgical Arts knows that, statistically, more people over the age of 40 dislike the appearance of their neck more than any other feature. Your skin there becomes thin. There is nearly no support provided, as your neck doesn’t have any hair follicles or oil glands. Fatty pads under your chin begin to drop. All that happens while everything is falling down or hanging off of your jawline. Many people don’t even use sun protection on their necks. Gravity, muscles slacking, and sun exposure take a toll on your neck.

Treatment to improve the aging changes in the neck is challenging, but real improvement can be achieved, without surgery. The professionals at GLOW Surgical Arts are here to help you achieve your dream neck. Contact your Bay Area cosmetic surgeons Dr. Paul Gorman and Dr. Renee Marshall today if you live in the Redwood City, CA, area at (650) 241-2209.