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The Benefits of Facials for Men

More and more men are patronizing a medical spa these days. A recent survey by the International Spa Association found that men comprised nearly half of all clientele that go to spas. Regardless of your gender, undergoing a facial in Redwood City administered by a medical spa professional can make a major difference in the appearance and health of your skin. In this article, GLOW Medical Spa will take an extended look at the benefits of facials for men.

A facial provides a deep clean of your skin, while also infusing it with a boost of hydration.

When you receive a facial in Redwood City at a medical spa, your aesthetician should explain each step of the process before doing it. The basic steps in a facial procedure are always the same. They include cleansing your skin, analyzing your skin, exfoliating dead cells, extracting clogged pores, and moisturizing. The end result should be skin that looks younger, healthier, and more hydrated.

Male skin has unique qualities that respond well to a facial.

Generally speaking, the skin of men differs from that of women. Male skin typically has larger pores, which can make acne more prevalent. Men also have thicker skin and produce more oil because of their higher testosterone levels. When a man has his pores cleared out, this helps to prevent future breakouts and reduces enlarged pores.

Having a facial makes shaving easier.

After the exfoliation that occurs during a facial, your skin later releases trapped ingrown hairs that were below the skin. The removal of dead skin also makes for a closer shave. Moreover, your shave should be more pleasant as a whole because your skin has been moisturized and is overall healthier following a facial.

What if you are a guy who has a special occasion planned?

A facial isn't magic, and it doesn't produce healthy skin overnight. To look your best on the big day, GLOW Medical Spa recommends scheduling a series of facials, starting between three and six months before the occasion, with the last facial taking place a week or two before your event.

Redness can be common after a facial; luckily, GLOW Medical Spa has several different products available to reduce irritation and soothe the skin. The end result should be skin that has a healthy glow and feels clean, fresh, and hydrated.

Facials in Redwood City

At GLOW Medical Spa, we can customize facials to the specific needs and desires of each individual client. You can think of a facial as just another aspect of a healthy lifestyle, just like eating right and exercising. Performed at regular intervals, facials can reduce acne breakouts, minimize the effects of aging, and address other aesthetic concerns such as hyperpigmentation, sun spots, rosacea, and sensitive skin.

GLOW Medical Spa offers several different types of facials, all of which promote skin health while minimizing or correcting imperfections in the skin. To learn more about our facials or any of the other services we offer, call (650) 241-2209 to schedule a consultation.

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