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Arm Lift- Correcting the Bat Wing Look

Is the skin on your upper arms starting to sag? If so, you are not alone. The upper arm is one location of the body that is especially sensitive to the aging process, as well as any rapid changes in weight. You may notice the skin on your upper arms has an uneven appearance; excess pockets of fat can weigh down skin that already is sagging, creating what has been referred to as a “bat wing” look. You can reshape your upper arms through an exercise program, but your Redwood City cosmetic surgeons also can correct this appearance issue by performing an arm lift.

What is an arm lift, and is it right for me?

Clinically known as a brachioplasty, an arm lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon begins by performing liposuction of the upper arm. An incision along the inside of the upper arm is then made, allowing removal of excess skin and additional fat. The remaining skin is recontoured and ‘stretched’ over the upper arm, allowing for closure of the wound, and creating an arm that looks toned, fit, more muscular, and more youthful.

Ideal candidates for an arm lift are at a healthy weight or near their ideal weight but have sagging or loose skin in the upper arm that they consider an aesthetic flaw. If you are looking to lose weight, you should wait to have an arm lift until after you have reached your weight loss goal.

What can I expect when having an arm lift?

Any surgical procedure carries a certain amount of risk, but an arm lift is very low-risk compared to other types of surgeries. The procedure will leave you with a scar, but the incision will be made on the inside of your arm, where it will be much more difficult to notice. Our surgeons, Dr. Paul Gorman and Dr. Renee Marshall, provide individualized care to each of our patients at GLOW Surgical Arts, but an arm lift typically takes between two to three hours to complete.

You can expect to take off at least a week before returning to light duty work, and it will be several weeks before returning to a normal routine. Your arm will experience some swelling and bruising for the first few days following the procedure. For a few weeks after an arm lift, you will need to avoid lifting any heavy items that may strain your arm muscles—as well as lifting your arms above shoulder level. Arrange for a friend or family member to help you around the house, especially if you have babies or small children who need to be picked up.

Arm lifts in Redwood City

GLOW Surgical Arts can help give you the sleek, toned and fit appearing upper arm you have been wanting without spending hours sweating in the gym. We also can combine an arm lift with another body contouring procedure, to reshape multiple areas of the body at the same time. To learn more about an arm lift or any of the other cosmetic surgery procedures offered by Drs. Paul Gorman and Renee Marshall, schedule a consultation at our Redwood City office by calling (650) 241-2209.

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