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Why Should I get a Facial?

Getting a facial on a regular basis can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your skin. A facial is a skin treatment performed by a cosmetic professional like the ones on staff at Glow Medical Spa. Performed in multiple steps, a facial cleans, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin—and can make a dramatic difference and improvement in your appearance. Despite knowing the advantages, many people may be hesitant to spend the time and money it takes to receive a facial. Here are some reasons why you should get a professional facial, like the ones offered at Glow Medical Spa.

Facials prevent future skin care problems.

From breakouts to seasonal allergies to signs of aging, a quality facial administered by a skin-care professional can prevent concerns such as these from developing. Think of a facial the same way as you would exercise; both serve the same purpose, of maintaining physical fitness. If you wait until you see visible problems developing with your skin, such as lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness, it is too late to undo all of the changes.

Your skin begins aging sooner than you think.

The growth of your skin begins to slow dramatically by the time you have reached your mid-20s, which also is the time of life when various lifestyle and atmospheric factors start placing additional stress on you and your skin. For these reasons, you should have begun a thorough regimen of skin care by this point. Anti-aging facials are a great way to keep your skin looking strong and healthy, and able to stand up to the potential toxic effects of intrinsic aging—the thing that happens to your skin and your body unavoidably as you age.

Facials can help to clear acne.

Breakouts start during adolescence but can continue well into adulthood for certain individuals. A well-trained spa professional can identify the best type of facial for you, based on your type of skin, and perform a facial to prep and clean your skin and extract clogged pores without causing the type of irritation that could cause future breakouts. A facial for acne can diminish the frequency of future breakouts, shrink existing blemishes, encourage the healing of your skin, and improve the appearance of any existing breakouts.

Facials can hydrate dry skin.

Facials, especially when performed on a regular basis, can do more to hydrate dry skin than even a prescription-grade moisturizer. These facials produce immediately visible results and produce skin that is hydrated, fresher, softer, and smoother.

Find out if a facial is right for you.

A wide variety of skin concerns can be treated and alleviated by receiving a facial. These concerns include crows feet, bags under the eyes, sagging eyelids, dark circles, puffiness, dry or peeling lips, aging skin, fine lines, surface wrinkles, poor elasticity in skin, dehydrated skin, dry or flaky skin, neck creases, sagging neck, enlarged pores, excessively oily skin, clogged pores, whiteheads, blackheads, breakouts, scarring, spots of pigmentation, redness, smoker's skin, visible capillaries, and many more.

Skin care professionals agree that you should have a facial every three to four weeks—the amount of time it takes for your skin cells to go through the full cycle of growth and exfoliation. Regular facials help you keep clean, clear, toned, beautiful-looking skin. Glow Medical Spa considers facials to be one of the specialties of our range of services. Schedule yours today by calling us at (650) 556-0200.

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