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Latisse Vs. Eyelash Extensions

William Shakespeare once wrote, “The eyes are the window to your soul.” We think he was on to something. For many people, the eyes arguably are the most important facial feature—so much so that many of us alter shape the surrounding features to accentuate the eyes. We shape eyebrows to better frame the eyes, or use eyeliner and eyeshadow to make the eyes appear bigger and brighter. Thick, luxurious eyelashes also are a great way to emphasize the eyes. For those of us who do not naturally have lashes of this sort, there are two popular options to improve the appearance of eyelashes: Latisse and eyelash extensions. This article will explore both treatments.

Latisse and how it works

Latisse is a prescription drug that, when administered by an experienced medical professional like Redwood City cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul Gorman at GLOW Surgical Arts, will grow new eyelashes. A recent case study found that 78 percent of the participants who received Latisse saw a significant increase in the overall prominence of their eyelashes—in terms of length and fullness, as well as darkness. Typically, patients see more prominent eyelashes in about 16 weeks.

Latisse is effective because it allows your existing eyelashes to remain in their growth stage for longer than they would naturally. Latisse only is available by prescription, and usually is administered in the form of eye drops. Make sure not to overuse Latisse; usually patients need just a single drop, which is applied to an included brush and applied to the lashes like eyeliner. Using too much of the product can cause irritation. Some patients also note that Latisse makes eyelashes grow too long; increasing the length of time between applications can remedy this, but the use of Latisse needs to be continuous in order to see continued results.

Eyelash extensions

Looking for a longer-lasting solution to your eyelash issues? Consider lash extensions, which are synthetic hairs that are bonded to your existing, individual lashes, creating the appearance of both fullness and length. The first application of extensions takes between 60 and 90 minutes. You will need to return for a follow-up maintenance appointment every four to six weeks.

Neither treatment is permanent, but eyelash extensions will last longer than Latisse. However, these extensions also may damage your natural, existing eyelashes as they start to fall out. There also is a greater margin for error when receiving eyelash extensions. If they are applied improperly, it can leave you with lashes that are glued together, appear to be of irregular lengths, or that have been glued to the skin rather than your existing natural eyelashes. If you are interested in lash extensions, make sure you choose a medical professional with the proper training to place them. Any eyelash extension treatment also should involve an initial consultation, during which it should be determined whether or not you are allergic to the adhesive on the extensions.

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