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  • Eye Enhancement Tips
    Eye Enhancement Tips

    Your eyes are one of the key focal points of your entire facial structure. Having big, plump, vibrant eyes just makes you seem more alluring and attractive. Even if you have nice eyes, their ...

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  • Do Lips Get Thinner With Age?
    Do Lips Get Thinner With Age?

    You can expect your appearance to change as you age, but some people experience signs of aging a little earlier in life than anticipated. For example, did you know that lips can begin to appear ...

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  • Breast Lift After Breastfeeding
    Breast Lift After Breastfeeding

    Motherhood can change your body in several ways, especially if you are breastfeeding your new baby. Nursing can alter the appearance of your breasts in dramatic fashion; breasts that were firm and ...

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  • Body Contouring After Extreme Weight Loss
    Body Contouring After Extreme Weight Loss

    Having loose skin often is a consequence for patients who lose extreme amounts of weight. This excess skin can be unsightly, making a person who has lost weight still feel self-conscious while also ...

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  • Tummy Tucks for Men
    Tummy Tucks for Men

    If you have looked into having cosmetic surgery, you probably know about a tummy tuck, and how this procedure is used to shape and sculpt the midsection. However, did you know that tummy tucks are ...

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  • Latisse Vs. Eyelash Extensions
    Latisse Vs. Eyelash Extensions

    William Shakespeare once wrote, “The eyes are the window to your soul.” We think he was on to something. For many people, the eyes arguably are the most important facial feature—so much so that many ...

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