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What is IV Sedation?

AnesthesiaAnesthesia is often a concern for our patients. Naturally, they worry about being put to sleep, and have questions about the side effects of different types of anesthesia.

Fortunately, many cosmetic surgery procedures today don't require general anesthesia. Rather, IV sedation can be used in many cases. It has very few risks but many benefits for patients who opt for cosmetic surgery.

What is IV Sedation?

With IV sedation, drugs to block pain and cause you to fall asleep are administered through an intravenous line (IV). It's sometimes called "twilight sleep" or conscious sedation. Many dental offices use IV sedation during treatments, oral surgeries, or when patients experience severe anxiety.

When IV sedation is used, patients feel no pain and have no memory of the procedure, but there's no need for a breathing tube as there is with general anesthesia. With IV sedation, patients also wake up less groggy, don't experience a sore throat and generally don't feel nauseated after waking.

Will I feel pain?

IV sedation is used alongside local or regional anesthetic drugs. That means treatment areas will receive a separate drug to numb the body's tissues. These generally last for several hours after you wake up. The lasting effects of the drugs block pain and reduce the need for powerful narcotic pain medication following surgery.

Are there risks?

As with any procedure that requires anesthesia, there are risks inherent with IV sedation, but they are fewer than with general anesthesia. Over-sedation is perhaps the biggest risk. If a patient becomes over-sedated, breathing may become depressed. Close monitoring and supplemental oxygen are implemented in these cases. However, an experienced anesthesia provider will take steps to prevent over-sedation from happening.

When is IV sedation used?

IV sedation can be used in many cosmetic surgery procedures. Breast augmentation or lifts, tummy tucks, buttocks fat transfer, facelift, liposuction, eyelid lifts and many other procedures can be completed using IV sedation.

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