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How Can I Make My Neck Look Better?

Is my neck wrinkled?When you think about the signs of aging, you're probably most concerned with your face. After all, your face is what people look at first, right?

Whether you realize it or not, your neck and chest play a big role in maintaining a youthful appearance, too. Wrinkled, crepey skin extending from your neck down towards your bust can look much more pronounced than wrinkles on your face. What's more, it's exceedingly difficult to cover up or repair without a cosmetic intervention.

Why is my neck wrinkled?

You probably take care to put sunscreen and anti-aging facial creams on your face. You may forget about your neck, though. It's important to protect this area too since it's exposed to sunlight. Plus, your neck is constantly moving. Every time you speak, swallow or turn your head, the skin on your neck stretches and moves. The combination of these repetitive motions and sun damage will lead to skin that ages prematurely.

Horizontal vs. vertical lines

Your neck can take on two types of lines. Horizontal lines—or bands—form on your neck as the body's collagen naturally breaks down over time. Vertical lines create a bigger problem because they go much deeper into your skin. These lines are created by holding your head in the same position for long periods of time. For example, working on a computer and holding your head in virtually the same position all day can lead to vertical lines.

Treatment for neck lines and wrinkles

You can make your neck look better using several treatment options. In some cases, a product like BotoxⓇ or JuvedermⓇ can help eliminate the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Botox weakens muscles that cause wrinkles to appear, while dermal fillers add volume using synthetic hyaluronic gels. For some people, fractional laser treatments or another non-surgical option like microneedling or PRP therapy will improve the neck's appearance.

To achieve the best results, surgery is often required. One option is fat transfer to the neck. Fat is harvested from your flanks or abdomen using liposuction. This fat is then injected into your neck, adding volume and dimension to lines and wrinkles. A second option is a neck lift. A cosmetic surgeon will tighten the skin and muscles of the neck during this procedure, leaving you with a smooth, toned neck contour.

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