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Gynecomastia: More Than a Cosmetic Issue

Man chestA man's chest stands a symbol of his virility and masculinity. The ideal male body image includes sleek, defined pectoral muscles. So when a man suffers from a condition called gynecomastia—or an enlargement of his breast tissue—his emotional and psychological health can suffer.

That's not just an opinion. Scientific research backs up the claim. According to a 2013 study by a group of researchers at the world-renowned Boston Children's Hospital, adolescent boys with gynecomastia scored lower on a standard quality of life assessment. Additionally, the boys studied had lower scores for general health, social functioning and mental health than boys who didn't suffer from the disorder.

The findings of the study are proof that gynecomastia isn't just a cosmetic issue. The condition significantly lowers a man's self esteem and impacts his ability to feel secure in his manhood. It can cause embarrassment to the point that some men avoid social contact altogether. Plus, the condition can also be painful, causing a man's breasts to be tender and sensitive.

It's Not a Weight Problem

Since some boys and men with enlarged breasts may also be overweight, they are often advised to diet in order to correct their breast enlargement. While this may help to an extent, gynecomastia is caused by a hormone imbalance, not obesity. Therefore, dieting and exercising alone simply won't correct the problem.

The best intervention is surgical excision of excess breast tissue. During the procedure, a cosmetic surgeon makes series of small incisions around the breast and removes excess tissue. During the surgery, the areolas may also be repositioned if they have sagged or stretched over the years. There is little scarring and the dramatic results are immediately noticeable.

Candidates for Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Men who are living with the condition should also consider have their enlarged breasts reduced by a cosmetic surgeon. Surgical candidates should be in overall good health and their breast development should have stabilized to avoid the problem recurring in the future.

Addressing the condition at a young age is key to preventing negative psychosocial effects in the future. Parents of boys with the condition should be aware of the anxiety, depression and embarrassment that can accompany the condition and seek a medical opinion early.

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