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Exercising After Cosmetic Surgery: When is it Safe?

Exercising After Cosmetic SurgeryPatients are usually anxious to get back to their workouts following cosmetic surgery. However, you need to take it slow and build back up to strenuous exercise following any type of surgical procedure.

Generally speaking, take it very easy in the week following surgery. Don't do anything strenuous for at least 48 hours after surgery. Otherwise, you increase the risk of bleeding, pain, swelling or problems with the incision(s).

Rest after returning home from your procedure, then start with light walking the next day to see how your body responds. If you experience pain or fatigue, slow down and try again later.

Most people will need at least a week, more likely two, before they feel up to exercising. And make sure your cosmetic surgeon clears you for activity before you restart your prior exercise regimen. Depending on the type of procedure you had performed, it may take six weeks before it's safe to return to your usual routine.

Remember, Everything's Connected

Keep in mind that your body is made up of an interconnected system of muscles and blood vessels. Therefore, what you do in one area will impact another. For example, if you have your eyelids lifted, you may think it's OK to lift weights with your legs. You don't need your eyelids to do that, right?

Remember that when you exercise, your heart rate rises and your breathing increases. Both of these factors will impact your eyelids ability to heal properly.

Procedure Specific Considerations


Following liposuction, it's important to exercise to avoid regaining fatty deposits. Consult with your cosmetic surgeon regarding a timeline for returning to exercise and for which types of activities may be best for you. For about six months following liposuction, you may notice increased swelling in the treated area(s) after you exercise. Don't let this dissuade you from exercising as it has no bearing on the outcome.

Tummy Tuck

The recovery period following tummy tuck will be longer than with liposuction. Because skin has been removed and muscles tightened, they need time to heal properly before you start strenuous activity. You'll need to wait about four weeks before starting any sort of real exercise. Otherwise, you could jeopardize the healing process and the results.

Since you won't be exercising as much as normal, you should also be cognizant of your diet as well to avoid gaining excess weight during recovery.

Breast Surgeries

After any sort of breast surgery, take care not to overwork your pectoral muscles. If you've had implants, it's even more important to give your muscles proper time to heal. Not giving your pectoral muscles time to heal could put too much stress on the capsule that forms around the implant. When your cosmetic surgeon clears you for activity, concentrate on the lower body first, avoiding anything that works your arms, chest or back.

Breast reduction and breast lift surgery patients should generally follow the same guidelines, concentrating on the lower extremities and avoiding exercises that impact the chest, back or arms for at least four weeks.

To ensure the best outcomes and minimize risks, follow your surgeon's guidelines when it comes to exercise after cosmetic surgery. If you are considering cosmetic surgery and have specific questions regarding post-surgical exercise, please get in touch. We can address your concerns during a complimentary consultation.