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Get Curves In All The Right Places With Fat Transfer

Fat-transfer procedures are a safe, effective way to enhance your natural curves using fat tissue Model - buttocks enhancementfrom your own body. With fat transfer, your cosmetic surgeon can remove unwanted fat tissue from one part of your body, and move it to another to help improve your silhouette, confidence, and self-esteem!

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Have you ever wished that your breasts were just a bit more voluminous to fill out your favorite top? Are you tired of searching for the perfect pair of jeans that help your buttocks look more shapely? What if we said you could enhance these curves using your own body fat?

The ins and outs of fat transfer

Fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, continues to increase in popularity every year due to its curve-enhancing benefits. In order for fat transfer to work, you must have donor sites from which fat can be taken -- meaning you must have pockets of excess fat on areas such as your abdomen, thighs, or buttocks. It’s also important that you don’t smoke or suffer from another medical condition that could affect the outcome of your procedure.

In short, there are three main stages to fat transfer: collection, preparation and transfer.

First, fat is collected from one part of your body using liposuction. Then, the fat is washed and purified using a filtration process. Lastly, your cosmetic surgeon injects the fat back into the area you want enhanced, such as your breasts or buttocks.

Benefits of breast fat transfer

Breast fat transfer is an ideal cosmetic procedure for women who want to enhance or augment their breasts, but don’t want implants or breast augmentation surgery. Breast fat transfer can also help women who want to improve breast asymmetry. Best of all, breast fat transfer can help reduce fat in another area on your body, while enhancing the size, shape and volume of your breasts.

Benefits of buttocks fat transfer

Buttocks fat transfer, also known as a Brazilian butt lift, is a large-volume fat-transfer procedure that moves fat from one or more areas on your body to your buttocks. Using a similar procedure to that of breast fat transfer, buttocks fat transfer can make your buttocks look rounder, fuller, and more shapely. This procedure can also help reduce sagging in the buttocks, and is ideal for women who feel that a rounder backside will help enhance their overall physical appearance and emotional well-being.

The best way to find out whether fat transfer is ideal for you is to schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon who can speak with you about your aesthetic goals, and determine whether you have the necessary amount of fat to reach them. If you’re considered a good candidate for fat transfer, you’ll soon be on your way to achieving more enhanced curves that really bring out your natural beauty.

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