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What Dermal Filler Is Right For Me?

Have you been thinking about having a little work done? You know, for the lines and wrinkles thatWoman in black dress have crept up around you mouth? Perhaps you've noticed some depressed areas, sagging or loose skin, or some volume loss along the jawline, in the cheeks, or below your eyes?

You are not alone. These age related facial changes are common, and quite normal. The good news is that there are reasonable, affordable ways to treat them, without undergoing surgery or spending a lot of money.

Tell me more, you say? We're talking about dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are a class of injectable medications that are used by cosmetic specialists and surgeons to add volume to certain facial areas to enhance one's appearance.

Dermal fillers are used throughout the world to enhance beauty. In the US, there are a number of products that are commonly used. All of these products are safe and effective when used properly, can provide many months of satisfaction, and are not permanent.

We've had good success with several products that have become our go-to dermal fillers here at GLOW: Juvederm and Radiesse. Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid based filler that can essentially be used throughout the face to add volume, soften folds, and reduce wrinkling. Radiesse is comprised of calcium hydroxyapatite, and has many of the same uses that Juvederm does.

Both of these fillers are made from scratch with no human or animal products, have virtually no allergic properties, are safe in effective in all skin types, and can last close to one year.

Let's talk about specific areas of concern on the face, and the best ways to treat them. Perhaps the most common area we treat with fillers at GLOW Skin Revived is the nasolabial fold, also known as smile lines or laugh lines. These grooves can be quite deep, and they can become more apparent with age. Both Radiesse and Juverderm are good choices for this area.

Another common area to treat is volume loss of the mid-face or cheek areas. Placing dermal fillers along the deeper tissue planes here can offer a very pleasing fullness to the cheeks. This can also help soften the smile or laugh lines. Volume loss under the eyes (a hollow eyed appearance) can be improved with careful use of dermal fillers to fill in the tear trough area, and soften the transition to the cheek and mid-facial areas.

Lip augmentation with dermal fillers has become increasingly popular, and is a great way to make an attractive change to a key facial feature. You don't have to suffer thin lips any longer! One treatment can provide a gentle fullness, sharper lip outlines, and smoothing of any nearby skin lines. A picture is worth a thousand words, so feel free to check out our before and after photos.

You've probably guessed that injectable dermal fillers, by definition, are indeed injected. While the notion of having a needle used in and around the face can be disconcerting, it does not have to be an unpleasant experience. At GLOW Skin Revived, we take several steps to make the experience as comfortable as possible, and you really should not feel more than a slight pinch or a small amount of pressure. While there is a chance that the treatment area will swell or bruise afterwards, it usually resolves in a few days.

If you've been thinking about dermal fillers for facial rejuvenation, perhaps it's time to set up a free consultation. At GLOW Skin Revived, we're always glad to talk to new (and existing) patients about how we can use Juvederm and Radiesse to meet your goals.

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