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Looking For That Sexy Back?

Have you wondered about the fat rolls that appear on the upper back? You know the ones – the bulging mounds that extend above and below a bra strap? Back fat rolls can be somewhat distressing, and lead to all sorts of angst when it comes to selecting the right top to wear.

We do a lot of liposuction using the Smartlipo laser lipolysis technique atGLOW Skin Revived. This, along with breast augmentation, remains amongst the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Common things being common, one tends to think ofthe stomach pouch and love handles when it comes to liposuction. But back rolls?

I’ve been impressed at the number of requests we’ve had for Smartlipo of the upper back area. Also called back boobs, particularly when compressed and formedby a bra strap or clothing, these nagging features can extend into the upper flanks and adversely affect the appearance of the entire upper torso.

We all accumulate fat under the skin, and a normal amount is desirable and healthy. Unfortunately, we can easily store more than we need for our normal metabolic needs. Interestingly, while most people store fat in similar places, we often see differences in the relative amounts per area. For instance, one person may have an excessive amount in and around the thighs, another may have the majority in the lower stomach area, and yet another may have more than expected in the arms.

The upper back area is no different. Some people just seem to accumulate an inordinate amount of fat in the upper back area. This area can be slightly moredifficult to treat, given the nature of the skin and connective tissues. With the right approach and attention to detail, though, we have had success in doing so.

For the best results, the upper back has to be viewed as contiguous with the upper flanks (that portion of the chest that lies under your arms at rest). Smoothing out the back rolls does little good if the upper flank area appears even larger if left untreated.

My approach is to carefully map out the entire area to be treated at the outset. This basically extends from the midline of the back to the front curvatureof the chest (or along the outside base of the breast). This may seem like a sizeable area – itis – but it needs to be considered for a comprehensive result. In some cases, it makes sense to continue all the way around. That is, below the breasts, and along the upper abdominal area. A circumferential treatment would be a truly comprehensive re-contouring of the upper torso.

When done well, liposuction of the upper back, extending onto the flanks, can have a wonderful impact on the appearance of the upper torso, with or without clothing or garments. If you would like to learn more about this treatment option, contact us at your leisure.

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