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Can A Tummy Be Tightened Without Surgery?

Skin creams, herbal pills, corsets, and other gimmicks promise to give you a leaner, tighter stomach Toned tummy without exercise. It’s a look we all desire: that hourglass shape with a small waist and toned middle, and curves in the right places. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to achieve with diet and exercise alone. That’s why so many people are intrigued by the many products and gimmicks on the market that promise to give you that sexy shape you want.

Although we’d all like a “quick fix” when it comes to getting a leaner midsection, these are the facts you should know before you spend money on these items:

Beware the bogus supplements

The FDA and FTC review thousands of complaints each year from people who purchased a product with miracle claims that didn’t deliver. Many of these are so-called “natural” supplements claim to target belly fat and show a photo of a beautiful model as an example of someone who used their product. Some even claim to be endorsed by celebrities or doctors. There simply is no herb, vitamin, or pill in existence that will trim your middle by itself. A strict diet and exercise plan can help you get into shape and lose fat all over your body - but even then, spot reducing your belly isn’t possible. And, many of these supplements contain unregulated or unsafe ingredients that can interfere with medications and cause unwanted or dangerous side effects.

The dangers of corsets

Corsets and waist trainers can make you temporarily look slimmer, but use them with caution. Those uncomfortable garments from centuries past have become en vogue again, but they haven’t changed much. If worn too tightly, they can interfere with digestion, breathing (and cause you to faint!), and can even break your ribs. If you want to wear one to feel sexy, find one that fits properly and allows you to breathe comfortably. But don’t expect it to make your waist any smaller - any slimming effects disappear when you take it off.

Skin creams won’t help you lose weight

Creams that are applied to the skin or gadgets you wear on the outside won’t shrink your belly, but may shrink your wallet. Unfortunately there are many creams and gadgets on the market every day that prey upon people who are seeking a smaller waistline. Many are very expensive and none of them have the ability to trim your body at all. Take good care of your skin with a good moisturizer, but don’t rely upon it to change your figure.

If you’d like to learn about proven ways a cosmetic surgeon can give you the body you want, schedule a consultation with GLOW Surgical Arts. You can explore your options for a trimmer, tighter waistline and get your questions answered in a confidential, pressure-free meeting.

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