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Will My Breasts Get Larger After Pregnancy?

Breasts can start increasing in size early in pregnancy, and continue to grow as months progress. If a woman breastfeeds, she’ll likely keep her increased size until completion of nursing. For a woman who always had small breasts, this can be a welcome change. But what about the months and years that follow? You may have heard other women talk about enjoying their new, larger breasts obtained through pregnancy. Is it possible to keep bigger breasts while eliminating excess skin and weight?

The fallacy about post-pregnancy breasts

Unfortunately, this rarely happens. Your breasts may change in shape after pregnancy, but most women return to their pre-pregnancy bra sizes after losing baby weight.

During pregnancy, breasts increase rapidly in size due to an uptick in hormones, and return to their original sizes after birth when hormones become regular. After your breasts undergo such significant changes, they can lose their youthful perkiness and look and feel smaller than before.

Breast augmentation before pregnancy

Waiting until after pregnancy for breast augmentation is not necessary or even recommended for most women. If you want larger breasts, you can have breast augmentation before you get pregnant, and enjoy your enhanced breast size before, during, and after pregnancy.

There’s no reason to wait until you’re sure you’re done having children, which could take decades. Knowing that your breasts aren’t likely to stay large after pregnancy is one reason to get the procedure done when you’re ready, no matter where you are in life.

Breast implants and nursing

Research shows that breast implants do not interfere with nursing for the vast majority of women. And, it’s been shown that nursing will not cause your breasts to sag, with or without implants.

If you think you may get pregnant in the future, tell your surgeon during your consultation so you can discuss incision placement for breastfeeding success. A skilled cosmetic surgeon knows how to place implants where they won’t interfere with milk ducts and glands.

Don’t believe everything you hear about breast implants, and when you should undergo the procedure. Your decision is a personal, individual choice. Once you speak with a cosmetic surgeon and have your questions answered, you can make the best decision for you. To learn more about breast augmentation,contact GLOW Surgical Arts and schedule your consultation today!