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What Makes A Cosmetic Surgeon Great

You’ve done your research and have decided to undergo cosmetic surgery. You may have narrowed it down to a few possible surgeons. Now, it’s time to talk with every surgeon to find the ideal surgeon for you. Your consultation is the best time to learn what to expect, make sure you’re an ideal candidate, and to address any questions or concerns you may have about your desired cosmetic procedure. Take the following questions into consideration as you make your decision:

  • Does the surgeon specialize in aesthetics or reconstruction? Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are two different things. Cosmetic surgery is focused on improving appearance or aesthetics, while plastic surgery is a specialty area that aims to reconstruct, repair, or restore function. While a plastic surgeon is a great choice for breast reconstruction, a cosmetic surgeon is an expert in breast augmentation, liposuction, and other procedures designed to make you look your best.
  • Does the surgeon listen to your questions and concerns? Everyone has questions about cosmetic surgery before they decide to move forward. The surgeon you choose should be happy to provide you with a consultation during which he or she will clearly and happily answer all your questions. If a surgeon doesn’t seem interested in your concerns and pushes you to book surgery before you’re ready, look elsewhere.
  • Is the surgeon up to date on the latest procedures? The field of cosmetic surgery is frequently improving and advancing to give patients more options to look and feel their best. Procedures such as breast fat transfer, Brazilian butt lift, and the latest facial rejuvenation procedures are examples of newer treatments that offer patients different options in addition to tried and true procedures like breast augmentation and liposuction.
  • Does the surgeon have an accredited, welcoming facility? Patient safety and a track record of exceptional care should be top priorities for your cosmetic surgeon. In order to earn accreditation at a physician's office or surgery center, strict guidelines for safety and quality must be met. Take time to find out if the practice has earned this distinction. In addition, do you feel comfortable and at ease in the environment? Look for cleanliness and a relaxing, private atmosphere for patients.

Above all, don’t allow yourself to feel pressured into undergoing surgery before you’re ready. The best surgeons know that patients need time to think carefully about their surgeries before moving forward. Great surgeons allow you to take all the time you need to feel comfortable and prepared for your exciting journey to a new, more beautiful you.

No matter what your aesthetic goals are, you need the best cosmetic surgeon to help you achieve them. To learn more about cosmetic surgery and how it can help you look and feel amazing, contact GLOW Surgical Arts to schedule your free consultation.