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Why You Need A Professional When It Comes To Botox® And Dermal Fillers

Summer is officially here, bringing with it vacations, pool parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and all Modelkinds of warm-weather activities. All year long, you have waited for this particular season to show off your best look. And then you glance in the mirror: Lines around eyes, wrinkles deterring from the youthful look you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

For many, the easy solution to crow’s feet and other unwanted wrinkles is DIY Botox and other dermal filter kits available for purchase online. These kits promise a fresh, young look, with the added bonus of saving a substantial amount of money. Given the step-by-step tutorials on YouTube and the countless message boards on self-injection, these procedures appear — at least on the surface — to be successful. The ease and affordability of these kits appeals to many — but they also raise the question: Are they safe?

Before you go the DIY-route, here are some aspects of self-injection to consider:

DIY kits are usually not FDA-approved

What most people don´t know is that the DIY kits they purchase online do not go through the FDA approval process and have no enforced safety measures, unlike the prescriptions you receive at a medical office.

DIY kits require preparation on your part

DIY Botox and other dermal filler kits do not arrive ready-to-inject, but require proper dilution. The margin of error on the mixture of these substances is enormous. Think back to, say, your high school chemistry course, and ask yourself: Should you really be mixing your own neurotoxin?

A professional plastic surgeon makes sure your Botox injection gets done right

In a professional medical setting, you can be sure that your Botox or dermal filler is not only packaged in a sterile environment, but with sterile equipment and mixed with a sterile saline. This may not be the case with Botox knock-offs purchased online. Administering an unhygienic dermal filler could cause substantial swelling, infection, development of abscesses, and — in severe cases — paralysis and permanent facial disfigurement.

Ultimately, the dangers of self-injection outweigh the perceived convenience of at-home DIY kits. By seeking out a professional cosmetic surgeon, you can be confident that your face enhancement is in good hands.

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