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A Buttocks Fat Transfer Could Give You The Shape You Want

Remember the days when pencil-thin models were everywhere? It was an unrealistic — and largely Buttocks Fat Transfer unhealthy — ideal that left many women wondering why they couldn’t achieve that weight loss extreme.

Today, however, body acceptance is becoming more common, and women are embracing their curves. The super-skinny ideal has all but disappeared, and now, women want to look feminine and shapely. Round, curvy buttocks and shapely thighs are especially attractive, and desired by everyday people and A-list celebrities alike. In fact, having a skinny bottom and thighs isn’t important anymore — it’s the right shape and proportions that really make a bottom half look its best.

Get a shapelier look with a buttocks fat transfer

Although the acceptance of natural curves is definitely a good thing, not everyone was blessed with a beautiful backside and thighs with curves in the right places. Even those who work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle may find that all the squats in the world won’t give you the shape you really desire. It is largely dependent on genetics.

This is one of the reasons why procedures like a buttocks fat transfer (also known as a Brazilian butt lift) have become amazingly popular. A great “booty” looks healthy and sexy, but those who were born with flat or more square-shaped buttocks simply cannot achieve this look without a little help.

Forget buttock implants: You want the Brazilian butt lift

Before the Brazilian butt lift, the only option was buttock implants. Unfortunately, this procedure was fraught with all sorts of problems ranging from a long recovery to complications with the implants and a poor aesthetic outcome. This didn’t seem like the right solution to give women the shapely buttocks they desired.

Enter the Brazilian butt lift — a less invasive procedure that doesn’t use implants at all. Instead, it uses your body’s own natural fat cells, harvesting them from a less desirable area (such as saddlebags or abdomen) and placing them carefully into the buttocks to create that sought-after physique.

It’s not only an effective solution for those who desire a curvy bottom, but gives you the added bonus of liposuction in another area that you’d like to sculpt and trim. In fact, you may be able to achieve beautiful proportions with your butt and thighs by taking some of the excess fat from the thigh area and moving it to the buttocks. Then, you’ve got that curvy, voluptuous figure with the right shape that flatters your unique features.

When it comes to the butt and thighs, you don’t have to be a size 4 to look amazing. The right shape and proportion will give you that sexy, healthy look. And for those who weren’t born with those curves, they can be achieved with a buttocks fat transfer.

If you’d like to learn more about a buttocks fat transfer or other procedures to look your best, download our free e-book, Your Guide to a Brazilian Butt Lift. If you’d like to take the next step, contact GLOW Surgical Arts to schedule your consultation.

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