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The Difference Between Coolsculpting And Liposuction.

Those favorite skinny jeans. A bathing suit that turns heads. To reward yourself for weight loss. There are so many reasons people come into a cosmetic surgeon’s office looking for fat reduction.

Many people wonder if there is a quick and easy way to get rid of that extra fat without surgery. One of the more recent trends has been a procedure known as Coolsculpting, and some of our patients have asked us about this. We want to provide you with accurate information about this procedure -- and to tell you why we do not offer Coolsculpting at this time.

Less dramatic results

The expected fat reduction seen for a Coolsculpting patient is 25 percent with each treatment, according to the company. Many patients require two or even three treatments of Coolsculpting to get the results they want.

But with a trained cosmetic surgeon and properly performed liposuction, you can expect a much more dramatic result right away. Up to 8 to 10 pounds of fat can be removed from many patients in just one liposuction procedure, depending on the patient’s needs and body type. At GLOW Surgical Arts, we use Smartlipo™ to minimize swelling and bruising -- and the incisions are small so scarring is virtually invisible once your incisions have healed.

Costs add up

With the additional treatments required, patients find that the repeated Coolsculpting treatments aren’t more affordable than liposuction after all. Although Coolsculpting costs less per procedure than liposuction, the costs quickly add up when patients must come back repeatedly to get the results they want.

It’s not painless

Although Coolsculpting is minimally invasive, patients do report some intense pulling, stinging, cold sensation, and discomfort during the procedure -- and it can take several hours, depending on the area being treated. In addition, post-procedure discomfort can last up to 14 days in some patients.

When we perform Smartlipo, we use appropriate anesthetic to minimize any discomfort, and pain relievers can be used as needed while you recover. Most of our patients report that they feel better quickly, and that the dramatic results they see after just one liposuction treatment are well worth any post-surgery healing and recovery time.

In conclusion, Coolsculpting could have potential for some patients in the future -- but it needs some improvement first. Faster, more effective treatment sessions, as well as less pain and discomfort are needed before we recommend this service to our patients. For real fat-reduction results and a proven track record of success, we recommend Smartlipo liposuction.

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