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The Amazing Effects Of Dermal Fillers

For years, anti-aging procedures focused on improving skin texture and tightening loose skin. But, there was never any way to restore lost volume or plump shallow contours, which are also extremely common signs of aging. Loss of collagen and the subsequent loss of plump, voluminous features can’t always be improved with face lift surgery and skin care treatments.

For this reason, thousands of people choose dermal fillers every year. This treatment stands out because its action takes place beneath the upper layers of skin, rather than working from the outside. If certain facial features look thinner and more shallow than they did in your younger years, or you notice wrinkles and creases around your nose and mouth, dermal fillers can offer you a solution that isn’t matched with other anti-aging methods. The treatment’s remarkable benefits include:

  • A more youthful appearance. The effects of dermal fillers on deep wrinkles far exceed costly anti-aging skin creams. Lines around the nose, mouth, lips, and chin can be greatly diminished or erased with one treatment, and results last several months. Now that’s something that can’t be accomplished from a jar at the beauty counter.
  • Long-term skin benefits. Juvederm® utilizes hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that flows smoothly and easily into the skin for up to one year and offers plumping benefits. Radiesse® has been shown to not only provide immediate results and plumping, but stimulates your skin to make more collagen. It works in concert with your skin’s own natural mechanisms, helping to rebuild the skin’s structures underneath. This means that even months after an injection, your skin will have more support and collagen than it did before treatment.
  • A happier, more rested appearance. Lines and wrinkles can not only make you feel less youthful, but can inadvertently make you look as if you’re frowning or tired. Once you’ve plumped those areas, your true beauty can shine through and you’ll likely look — and feel — like a new person.
  • Convenience and comfort. A skilled injector can perform your treatment efficiently and with minimal side effects. A very tiny needle is used, and even those who have “needle phobia” often find results are well worth any minor and temporary discomfort.
  • Fewer wrinkles. One of the most frustrating aspects of aging is that we feel like others see those lines and wrinkles before they notice our other features. But many people also fear that a face lift will make them look artificial, or won’t address the areas as desired. A dermal filler offers real results with significant reduction of wrinkles without surgery, and you’ll still look like you.

Considering the convenience and powerful effects of dermal fillers, it’s easy to find time in your schedule to give your face a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. To learn more about what dermal fillers can do for you, contact GLOW Surgical Arts and schedule your consultation.