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How A Shapely Butt Changes Your Figure

Though liposuction and tummy tucks may get a lot of press, many people are looking to add volume to parts of their body, not reduce it. For many women, having a feminine, attractive figure means having curves in the right places.

This can be a challenge, however, because each body gains weight in its own way and in places we can’t control. Some women tend to gain weight in their midsection and thighs first, when they’d rather have extra weight go to their breasts and buttocks. This can be frustrating when you’re looking to gain certain curves, but they just won’t appear no matter what you eat or what exercises you do.

Actually, there is a way you can add volume to your butt and get that curvy look you desire. We’re not talking about buttock implants, but rather, using your body’s own natural fat to create a more perky, shapely view from behind.

During a buttocks fat transfer, or Brazilian butt lift, your cosmetic surgeon removes fat from an area where you don’t want it (belly or thighs are popular places) and injects that fat into the buttocks for maximum curves and the most attractive shape.

Reasons to consider a Brazilian butt lift

Many women decide to get a Brazilian butt lift because they were simply born with a shape that isn’t pleasing to them. The buttocks may be too flat, making jeans look unflattering. Some people have asymmetry in their buttocks that can be corrected in the hands of a skilled cosmetic surgeon. In other cases, a person’s buttocks may be too small for their figure, making them look out of balance or making other features, such as the thighs, look too large. Following weight loss, many people find that their buttocks have a deflated, less curvy appearance than it had before, even if they look better in other places.

An amazing new figure

Having curvy buttocks can change your overall figure dramatically, even if you don’t change anything else. An enhanced backside makes your waist appear smaller, giving you a more feminine shape. Your legs and thighs may look leaner and more attractive with the right curves. Jeans, dresses, and swimsuits will look completely different on you when you’ve got the curves to fill them out in the most attractive places. Most women feel they look more fit and toned when they have the right proportion in their buttocks.

If you’re bothered by a figure that isn’t as sexy and voluptuous as you’d like, download our free e-book, The Patient’s Guide to a Brazilian Butt Lift. When you’re ready to talk with a skilled cosmetic surgeon, contact GLOW Surgical Arts for your consultation. It could be one of the best things you do for your self confidence!