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Explore the relationship between cosmetic surgery and weight loss


You work hard to lose weight and get into shape

Highlight that work with a body contouring procedure from GLOW Surgical Arts!

February is a great time of the year to start losing weight in preparation for the summer. Getting a head start now with healthy diet and exercise can help you get that perfect summer beach body! It's also an excellent season to consider cosmetic surgery because you’ll have plenty of time to recover before you get to show off your new look!

Cosmetic surgery by itself is not a weight-loss technique, but it can be used to enhance the outcome of losing weight. For many people, when you shed those extra pounds, you’re left with excess skin and leftover fat in different areas of your body. Excess skin and fat don’t respond to the best of workouts, but they can be eliminated through cosmetic surgery.

Common body contouring procedures that can help shape your body after losing weight include:

GLOW is proud to offer these procedures to respond to difficulties after weight loss.

Body contouring procedures are not exclusive to people losing weight. If your skin is sagging, if you have excess fat, or if you want to transfer fat to another area to create a more desirable figure, body contouring may be right for you.

Talk with the cosmetic surgery experts at GLOW. They will be able to determine what procedures can benefit you the most!