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Can You Prevent Breasts From Sagging?

Women of all shapes and sizes find that gravity can — and does — take its toll on breasts. When breasts start to sag, they can look less full, and can even make the rest of the body look heavier or less shapely.

Why do breasts sag? Aside from obvious factors of normal aging and time, breasts tend to sag when they get larger or smaller throughout a woman’s life. This occurs as a result of pregnancy, weight changes, and hormonal shifts. Skin and tissues stretch with changes in breast size, and don’t always bounce back to their original shape. In addition, as we age, breast tissue becomes less dense, leading to less firmness and perkiness, and the connective tissue that supports the breasts tends to lose some of its elasticity.

Naturally, most women do whatever they can to prevent or delay sagging. But do these at-home tips and tricks really help?

Firming skin creams

Unfortunately, there is no topical cream that truly combats loose or sagging skin, or that keeps the breasts’ supporting structures strong. Applying a quality body moisturizer is beneficial for the beauty of your skin overall, so there’s nothing wrong with using one. Just don’t expect your breasts to be perkier as a result.

Wearing a bra all day and night

If you prefer to wear a bra while you’re sleeping, you certainly can. But, it won’t make a significant difference in how much your breasts sag. Large-chested women may feel more comfortable wearing a bra to sleep, while others may prefer to go without. Do what feels best for you.

Strengthening chest muscles

Building muscle tone will make you look and feel great at any age. But doing special pectoral exercises to boost chest muscles won’t prevent breasts from sagging. It may give your breasts a slightly more lifted appearance, but does nothing to actually change the structure of breasts or elasticity of the skin. Exercise for better health and well-being, but don’t do it in the hopes of changing your breasts.

What does work

Maintaining a fairly consistent weight can help minimize sagging as we age. Weight fluctuations can cause breasts to stretch out and deflate, leaving you with excess skin that contributes to sagging.

In addition, make sure you wear a supportive sports bra during exercise, and a quality bra whenever you’re vertical to minimize any bounce. This can help avoid damage to the structures in your breasts. You should also wear sunscreen on your chest whenever the skin is exposed to keep it healthy and elastic. Although these tactics can’t eliminate breast sagging completely, they will help minimize this issue as much as possible.

Surgical options for sagging breasts

If you’re bothered by breast sagging, talk with a skilled cosmetic surgeon about your options. Restoring your breasts to a more attractive position on the chest can have a powerful impact on your entire figure. A breast lift is a great way to achieve this transformation, and can be performed with or without breast implants.

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