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4 Ways To Flatten Your Belly

When we imagine a fit, attractive figure, most picture a flat belly. Indeed, a taut midsection looks great on men and women of all shapes and sizes. A flat tummy can make you look curvy in the right places and overall leaner.

The stomach is often the first place that suffers when we put on excess weight, and also the last place to lose the fat when we diet and exercise. It also tends to get bloated when we eat or drink the wrong things, and “sucking it in” only does so much.

To get a belly you’re proud to show off, try a few simple tactics:

  • Cut back on salt. Salt causes water retention and bloating. If you plan on wearing a bathing suit in the near future, reduce your sodium intake for between 24 and 48 hours before your big event. In general, try not to exceed the recommended intake of sodium, which is 2,300 milligrams. Note: People with heart disease or other conditions should talk with their physicians about how much sodium they can consume.
  • Skip cocktails. Some evidence suggests that cortisol, a hormone that contributes to belly fat, may be higher in people who drink more alcohol. Women should not exceed one drink per day, and men should not exceed two. But, keep drinking to an occasional indulgence if you want your belly to look its best. Alcohol is often high in yeast content and empty calories that won’t do your body any good.
  • Think about your abs. Whether you’re walking through the park or hitting the elliptical, focus on maintaining good posture during your activities. Don’t slouch, and picture your belly button being gently pulled back toward your spine, keeping your muscles taut. This strengthens core muscles, and is great for your back, too.
  • Fill up with fiber. Eating a high-fiber diet is great for your overall health and can help you feel fuller. In addition, it keeps your digestion moving efficiently and helps eliminate belly bloating and discomfort.

Of course, even people who take good care of themselves find that their bellies just don’t have the slim, flat look they want. If you’re dealing with pockets of fat, excess skin, or loose muscles in the abdominal area, these areas can be corrected with cosmetic surgery. A tummy tuck or Smartlipo™ are often the most effective ways to tighten your skin when diet and exercise fail to work. To learn more, download our free e-books about tummy tuck surgery and Smartlipo™. You’ll gain access to great information that can help you decide if one of these procedures might benefit you.

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