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Get The Curves You Want Before Summer

If you’re feeling unhappy with your figure, but think it’s too late to do anything before summer, we Get The Curves You Want Before Summerhave good news. With help from the right cosmetic surgeon, you can still get a bikini body, flaunt your curves, and eliminate problem areas before summer without having to worry about weeks of downtime.

The key is to look into less invasive procedures that still deliver results. Talk with a cosmetic surgeon about what you’re looking for, as well as realistic recovery times for the procedures you’re considering.

Breast fat transfer

Want to fill out your swimsuit top a little more, but aren’t quite ready for breast augmentation? A breast fat transfer may be your answer. Not only does this procedure use your own natural fat, it’s also removed from a place you don’t want it, such as your belly, hips, or thighs. If you’ve been wanting more curves on top and contouring in another area, a breast fat transfer may be able to do both for you.

Breast fat transfer requires no implants, and no incisions. The transferred fat is strategically placed with injections, so you’ll get a fuller, more youthful and sexier bustline quickly, and without major surgery.

Buttocks fat transfer

It’s frustrating to feel like your body develops extra weight in all the wrong places. Having a curvy, full bottom may be in -- but it’s also extremely hard to achieve, especially if you’re not blessed with genes that naturally give you the coveted round bottom we see on many celebrities.

Say goodbye to a flat bottom and start turning heads with a buttocks fat transfer. Like breast fat transfer, this procedure uses fat from another part of your body, helping to slim and sculpt while putting fat where you really want it. A curvy butt looks amazing in all types of body-hugging summer outfits and swimsuits, and can make you look more sexy and voluptuous. It’s your natural tissue, carefully injected to give you the shape you’ve always wanted. No lengthy downtime or risky buttock implants here!

Timing is everything

If you don’t mind having a little extra body sculpting, liposuction is also a great procedure to have before summer arrives. Advances in surgical technology mean liposuction is performed in a less invasive manner, with smaller incisions, less bruising and swelling, and less time wearing a compression garment. If you’d like to consider this option, talk with a cosmetic surgeon about expectations and recovery time. Liposuction helps eliminate extra fat around the middle, upper arms, thighs, and many other areas.

If you’re feeling unsure about wearing shorts and swimsuits, now is the time to look into less invasive methods more effective at helping you achieve an amazing body before summer! Contact GLOW Surgical Arts today and discover all the ways you can look and feel your best!

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