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Cosmetic surgery may be more affordable than you think!

Fat transfer can help you achieve a beach body faster

Cosmetic surgery may be more affordable
than you think!

Learn about your options for payment and cosmetic surgery financing!

Having cosmetic surgery means more than choosing which procedure you want — it involves taking into account what you’re financially capable of paying. It’s true the cost of breast augmentation, tummy tuck, or liposuction isn’t cheap — and this is not the time to skimp on cost.

With any complicated procedure, you want a capable and experienced doctor as your surgeon to help you achieve the best results. Choosing the right surgeon for you involves learning about the financial opportunities available through your doctor’s office.

Many people think cosmetic surgery is out of their price range, but you have several options to make it affordable. Ask your surgeon's office about any financial lending partnerships they have with financing companies, such as Prosper HealthCare Lending or CareCredit. In addition, ask your surgeon if your procedure will be performed in-office, like at GLOW Surgical Arts, or at another location. Learning about any additional costs can help you determine when and if you can afford cosmetic surgery.

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