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Choosing The Right Time For Cosmetic Surgery

Ask any cosmetic surgeon, and they will tell you they see certain “trends” in cosmetic surgery that take place throughout the year. The time of year can make a difference when you’re scheduling your surgery and recovery, so you’ll want to consider this when you’re thinking about cosmetic surgery.

Here are some of the ways that seasons and cosmetic surgery are connected. This may give you a starting point when you’re thinking about your options:

  • Get a bikini body in early spring. After the winter has passed, many people start thinking about the hottest months -- and wearing a bathing suit. In spring, many women schedule body contouring and enhancement procedures like breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, or buttocks fat transfer This allows them time to heal and be ready to step out with a knockout body for summer.
  • Skin and facial procedures pair well with winter. When the cooler weather hits, procedures like microneedlingand laser treatmentsincrease in popularity. An eye lift is also ideal at this time when the sun’s rays aren’t quite as strong. Remember, you need to be diligent about sun protection after these procedures, during any time of year. But, the winter weather may make it easier to stay out of the sun than if you had these done in the summer.
  • The holidays are a great time for a mommy makeover. If you have extra vacation time and things are slower at work in December and January, you might find that a mommy makeover fits right into your schedule around the new year. It’s a great time for many moms to do this because you don’t have to worry about kids’ schooling or activities. You might also be able to conceal the changes for a while under winter clothing and scarves. Then, when the warmer weather arrives, you can reveal your new body -- leaving others to wonder if you just worked out really hard over the winter.
  • Back-to-school time is great for people who don’t have children in school. Many parents will forego cosmetic surgery this time of year due to a busy school schedule and keeping up with the kids. So, take advantage of this opening by scheduling your procedure when others are too busy.
  • Summer is not the best time for surgeries that require incisions, as you need to be very careful about staying out of the sun while you heal. Recovering by the pool is not a good idea. But, minimally invasive procedures like cosmetic injectables, facial fat transfer, and dermal fillers are great for the summer because there’s no downtime and you can look great without missing out on summer activities. If you’re able to take adequate time to stay indoors, however, it can be a great time for other procedures too. Those who typically don’t work in the summer, like some teachers, may benefit from having cosmetic surgery done at this time.

When you’re choosing cosmetic surgery, the time of year is certainly something to consider. Even though the above information points out when it’s ideal to undergo certain procedures throughout the year, you need to go with what works best for you and your life. You should feel confident and comfortable in your decision, no matter what procedure or season you choose.

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