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4 Exercises To Help Tone Your Butt

It’s no secret that shapely, round backsides are in — and flat is out. Although it’s commonly known that many women desire shapely breasts, the buttocks have become just as important for their role in creating a feminine, curvaceous body.

So how can you maximize your assets and make your backside look its best? You can shape the muscles in a number of ways, which can help you add curves and volume if Mother Nature didn’t give you what you want. Here are some options if you are looking for a more curvaceous rear end:

  1. Try a walking exercise - Walking is a great total-body exercise, especially for your backside. Walking up hills and on uneven terrain can help further train your gluteal muscles, which give your butt its shape. Similarly, you can use a treadmill with an incline, an elliptical or stair climbing machine. Make sure you keep your body straight and don’t hunch your back forward when you’re doing these exercises, which can hinder your results and cause poor posture.
  2. Shape your butt with squat exercises - Perhaps the most famous of all butt-toning exercises, squats can build your butt muscles and make your backside more toned and round in appearance. Make sure you do them correctly and at least a few times a week for the best results. Most importantly, you should try to avoid having your knees go past your toes as it causes stress on your joints.
  3. Tone your butt with lunges - Another excellent lower-body toner, lunges are effective at toning your butt and thigh areas. These can also help give your butt a lift. When lunging forward, make sure your knee doesn’t bend past 90 degrees and put stress on your knee joint.
  4. Exercise your glutes on weight machines - If you belong to a gym, the machines designed to work your gluteal area are generally a safe and effective way to tone. Be sure to follow the instructions on the machine or have a trainer or staff member help you get started.

How do I get a round butt when exercise isn't working?

Your genetics have a lot to do with the natural shape of your butt. Some people are just born with smaller, flatter, or less shapely buttocks, and you can’t significantly change that with any exercise routine. If you’ve tried toning exercises along with a healthy lifestyle but still don’t have the rear view you want, you may wish to consider a buttocksfat transfer, also known as a Brazilian butt lift. The advantages of this procedure include adding volume and your body’s own natural fat to only the area you want, no implants. Another plus, you get to have fat taken out of an area where you don’t want it, such as the abdomen or thighs!

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