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Is There An Ideal Breast Size?

We see images of celebrities and supermodels everywhere we go, and many of them seem to have near-perfect bodies. Most of them look toned and trim, with a full and uplifted bust line to complement their figures.

Many people work hard to achieve a similar look with lifestyle changes -- but diet and exercise alone cannot always give us what we want. As we lose weight, breasts tend to decrease in size. And as we age, breasts tend to sag and lose perkiness and fullness. So how is it that so many people seem to have that perfect proportion? Well, there’s a good chance many of them have had cosmetic surgery to give them that extra edge. Gone are the days of oversized, round implants. Today’s breast augmentation looks natural and discreet when done by a skilled cosmetic surgeon.

The ideal breast size

Breast augmentation can be used to give you back what nature and time have taken away. So, if you’re considering the procedure for yourself, you may be wondering what that “perfect size” is. What is the magic number (or letter) for those famous bodies?

There isn’t one. Although many celebrities and fashion models may have breast implants, each one of them probably has a totally different breast size. In fact, research has shown that men and women alike view breast sizes as attractive based on a woman’s overall proportions and the shape and fullness of the breast — not the cup size.

So, for a smaller-framed, lean woman, a more conservative breast size may look best on her, versus someone with a larger frame and more curves. An experienced cosmetic surgeon will be able to take measurements and provide you with recommended sizes to “try on” to achieve your desired look.

Shape matters

Beyond size, however, one aspect that is important for breast aesthetics is shape. You’ll want to choose a skilled cosmetic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery, and he or she will ensure that your breast has the right amount of fullness to look both natural and youthful. Too-round breasts tend to look artificial, but breasts without adequate fullness on top are also not as desirable. A slight “teardrop” shape tends to be the most popular and attractive for most women.

A surgeon who knows how to achieve the right shape and proportion for you can discuss all these options in your pre-surgical consultation. You’ll want to view before and after photos to ensure you like the work the surgeon you’ve chosen has done, and the photos can help you get an idea of what you want for yourself. A qualified cosmetic surgeon will know how to help you achieve that ideal shape and size, so you’ll look like a supermodel version of yourself.

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