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Adding Fat In The Right Places

In today’s society, it seems fat is something everyone tries to avoid. For areas like the abdomen, arms, and thighs, most people work hard to lose as much fat as possible. After all, a lean tummy, arms, and legs are important features when you’re striving for a trim, fit body.

Losing weight in the wrong places

But what many people don’t realize is that fat in a few key places is a good thing. The problem is, people who eat right and exercise often lose fat everywhere, including in places where it could work to their advantage. The breasts are a classic example of this. How many times have you heard someone say that their breasts shrunk when they lost weight? Unfortunately, we cannot control where our body decides to slim down — and it’s often in the places we really didn’t want to lose. This is one of the reasons breast augmentation is so popular among women of all shapes and sizes.

Enhancing breasts without implants

For women who have hesitated to get breast implants, there is a new, more natural solution for adding volume to the breasts known as breast fat transfer. This uses your body’s own natural fat — taken from an area where you don’t want it — transferred to your breasts in a series of injections designed to give you the most beautiful results possible. Although the results aren’t typically as dramatic as implants, it can make all the difference to a woman who wants to increase her bust about one cup size. There are no implants, and because there’s no incision, there’s less downtime.

Achieving curvier buttocks

Beyond breast enhancement, however, many people find that other areas are also too slim for their liking. Curvier buttocks are in — and no amount of gluteal exercises can give you the extra fat and curves you may desire in this area. This is because genetics play a significant role in the shape and size of your buttocks, and exercises alone won’t change that. But alarge volume fat transfer, also known as a Brazilian butt lift, can effectively enhance buttocks that are too small or too flat, adding a shaplier, attractive, rounded appearance.

Fat is great for the face

Have you ever noticed what happens to a person’s face as they age? Often they lose volume, creating a more drawn, aged appearance. But with a small volume transfer, a skilled cosmetic surgeon can use your body’s own natural tissue to give you some of that volume and youthfulness back. It can give your face a more plumped, healthy-looking appearance while still looking very natural.

If you’ve wondered how you could add volume back to your breasts, buttocks, or face without implants, a fat transfer may be a good choice for you. To find out more, talk with a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in these procedures.

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