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Tummy Tuck Surgery: Is Abdominoplasty Right For Me?

The following is an excerpt from our new e-book, A patient’s guide to tummy tuck surgery.

Is a tummy tuck right for me?

Tummy tuck surgery can produce beautiful results for bodies of many shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be at a perfect weight to see a significant improvement in your appearance, but you should be at a somewhat stable weight to optimize your results. Gaining or losing a lot of weight after your tummy tuck may undo some of the procedure’s benefits.

You may wish to postpone your tummy tuck if you think you may become pregnant in the future. Obviously, your tightened tummy would be stretched out again during pregnancy and may not go back to its previous shape. We also recommend that you do not smoke, as smoking hinders your body’s natural healing process.

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