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Tummy Tuck Surgery: Enjoying Your New Tummy

The following is an excerpt from our new e-book,A patient’s guide to tummy tuck surgery.

How long will the results last?

Results from your tummy tuck can last years with the right care. As mentioned above, keeping your weight stable and taking good care of yourself will maximize your results. A lifestyle that includes eating healthy foods and getting regular physical activity will maximize your beauty — on your tummy and everywhere else! The more you take care of yourself and are able to keep your weight stable, the longer your results will last.

Enjoying your new tummy

A tummy tuck offers significant benefits for this common “problem area.” Most patients will see obvious flattening and slimming of the abdomen, and with excess skin gone, you’ll look smoother and sleeker. If you had stretch marks on your lower abdomen, you may find that some or all of them are removed when the surgeon removes excess skin from the area. A tummy tuck can also help with the appearance of cellulite if excess fat is removed during the surgery.

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