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Treat your skin with love all year round

Keep your skin healthy by developing a daily skincare routine.

Treat your skin with love this month, and every month!

Colder temperatures and harsh winds are coming, but with the right approach, your skin can stay healthy all year round. National Healthy Skin Month celebrates learning more about your skin and how you can care for it every day to prevent signs of aging, sun damage, and even skin cancer.

Your skin protects you from harmful microbes and elements, regulates your body temperature, and permits the sensations of touch, heat, and cold. With a total area of about 20 square feet, your skin creates protection for the rest of your body. So it's important to take care of this valuable organ!

Keep your skin healthy by developing a daily skincare routine,eating foods that are good for your skin, taking precautions when you're out in the sunshine, moisturizing against wind and snow burn, and limiting your amount of stress. By following these tips you can have happy, glowing skin every day. But there’s more!

In addition to doing all these things to keep your skin healthy, you can also add in the benefits of facial skin rejuvenation procedures from an experienced cosmetic surgeon:

Don’t leave your skin dull and unloved. Get the glowing skin you’ve always wanted -- schedule a facial skin rejuvenation consultation today! Our doctors will work with you to find the right routine and treatment plan for your skin throughout the year!