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4 Things To Consider Before Breast Augmentation

With so many breast augmentations being done today, people might assume that the procedure is cut-and-dry, or quick and easy. In fact, to have a successful breast augmentation, you need to do your homework and think about a few things beforehand. Being knowledgeable about the procedure and your surgeon will go a long way toward getting the best possible results. Here are some important facts to know right from the start:

  1. The skill of your surgeon is important. Not only should your surgeon help you choose an implant that will best suit your needs, but he or she should also be experienced with the proper placement of breast implants for the most natural and flattering look. Placing an implant too high, too low, or too far apart can produce undesirable results. Ask to see before and after photos, and talk with them about how many procedures they’ve done. The physician’s practice should be focused on cosmetic and aesthetic procedures.
  2. If you plan to breastfeed in the future, be sure to tell your surgeon. Placement of the breast incisions in the underarm and crease of the breast are usually suitable for breastfeeding in the future. Most likely, you’ll need to avoid any incisions in the nipple and areola area, to keep those glands intact.
  3. You may find that what you “thought” you wanted isn’t right for you. A skilled surgeon can help you try on implants before you decide on the surgery, and will talk with you about the size and shape that best fits your figure. Depending on things like your height, weight, and frame size, certain implants may be more suitable for you. You’ll also want to discuss the pros and cons of silicone and saline implants before you choose.
  4. You must give yourself time to heal. Your body will need time to rest and recover; breast augmentation is major surgery. So plan to take time off after your surgery, and do as much as possible beforehand so you can rest comfortably at home with the food and supplies you need. Fortunately, most women find they can go back to work within one to two weeks, as long as their job doesn’t require manual labor. You should also take the pain medicine your surgeon gives you if you’re in pain. Don’t try to “tough it out.” You will be sore for the first few days after surgery, and the medication can help you get through it.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and talk about your concerns during your consultation. This is the best time to determine if the surgeon and the procedure are a good match for you.

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