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What To Expect From Your Breast Implant Consultation

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At this point, you've thought about breast augmentation for some time and you've decided that it makes sense to pursue the idea further. You've done some homework about the implants, the surgery, potential cosmetic surgeons, and the recovery process.

Now you are ready for your consultation!

The consultation process is an important step in your journey, as it will allow you to get answers to any remaining questions as well as expert advice that is unique to your individual situation. Consider the following factors when you go in for your breast augmentation consultation:

The team

During your consultation, you will meet your surgeon and the rest of the team. Take the opportunity to get to know them. Are they sincere, and passionate about their work? Do they focus on educating you, and helping you make an informed decision? Do they listen to your questions and provide detailed answers? Do you feel comfortable with them?

Your options

Take your notes with you so that you can make sure to discuss all of your options during your consultation, include type of implant, placement, and whether you will need a breast lift as well as implants. Each of these points needs to be closely examined with your cosmetic surgeon, and you should have a good understanding of your choices at the end of your consultation.

The exam

During your exam, your doctor will look at the size and shape of your breasts, as well as other physical factors that might impact the success of the surgery. Your doctor will discuss various considerations with you, such as, do the physical characteristics of your breasts allow for an augmentation that will meet your expectations? Will augmentation alone achieve your desired results, or will other work be required?

Potential results

You’ll also have the opportunity to look at breast augmentation before-and-after photos of the doctor's previous patients. Ask questions about the photos, and try to find photos of patients whose body type is similar to yours. Be clear about your expectations, so you can find out whether those expectations are reasonable, and if your doctor will be able to meet them. While many cosmetic surgeons perform breast augmentation, make sure your doctor has sufficient training and experience to achieve the desired outcome with the procedure that you choose.

The process

When you make the decision to have breast augmentation surgery, you will also need to consider what you can expect from the entire process, including the recovery period. Ask your doctor what you can expect on the day of your procedure, how many follow-up visits will be required, and what to expect during the recovery period, including any restrictions on activity and when can you anticipate going back to work.

Financial considerations

During the consultation, it is also important to discuss the cost of the surgery. Be sure to ask your doctor what is included in this amount. Are there other costs that are not disclosed? Depending on where your surgery is performed, there may be a separate fee for the facility or the anesthesiologist. Ask the patient care coordinator about financing options.

Take notes during your consultation, as you may not remember everything that was discussed. A helpful team will always be available and willing to answer your questions. After all, their goal is to help you make the best decision for your individual needs.

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