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10 Reasons To Consider Having Breast Reduction

Breast augmentation is the number one cosmetic surgery procedure performed in the United States today. Women who decide to have breast augmentation often do so to achieve a larger, fuller breast size, boost their confidence and self-esteem, or to return their bodies back to the way they were before life events such as pregnancy and extreme weight loss took their tolls. Considering all the focus placed on

surgery, many individuals tend to forget that breast reduction is another form of breast surgery ideal for women who may not want to cope with having large breasts.

Women who have naturally large breasts, or have achieved a larger breast size through augmentation, sometimes feel that their breasts prevent them from being able to perform and enjoy certain everyday activities. Some women may have difficulty with exercising, whereas others become fed up at not being able to easily find clothing that fits and complements their shapes. In these instances, breast reduction surgery may help some women achieve a higher level of comfort due to having smaller breasts.

Have you been struggling with your breast size and are considering having breast reduction? Take a look at the following 10 reasons to consider having breast reduction surgery.

1. Improved posture

Heavy, large breasts can sometimes result in poor posture, since the extra weight in front can cause women to hunch and roll their shoulders forward as they walk and move around. Many women report feeling less tense throughout their upper backs and shoulders after having breast reduction, and benefit from improved posture as a result.

2. Reduced back pain

Women with large breasts often cite back pain as one of their main reasons for choosing breast reduction. Large breasts can weigh up to at least seven pounds each, and can result in back pain for women who exercise, demonstrate good posture, and engage in other types of physical activity on a regular basis.

3. Improvements with exercise

Exercise moves that cause breasts to bounce up and down such as jump rope and running can be painful for women who have large breasts, even if they wear sports bras. Also, exercises that cause the breasts to hang down such as planks and push-ups can also cause strain and be painful for women with large breasts.

4. Lower risk for skin discoloration

Some women with large breasts may develop red or brown lines or rashes underneath their breasts where their bras lie on the skin as a result of supporting an excess amount of weight. In extreme cases, these women may develop sores in these areas that take a long time to heal due to poor air flow, and from breasts lying heavily over the wounds. Finding and wearing a properly fitting bra may help resolve this problem, but some women prefer to downsize their breasts through surgery instead.

5. No more shoulder grooves

Women with large breasts are often required to wear bras with thick shoulder straps to gain the best support, since thin straps may be less efficient at supporting extra weight and can cut into the skin. Some women seek breast reduction to eliminate deep shoulder grooves left behind from bras that work hard to support larger breasts.

6. More clothing options

Women with a small frame and large breasts may want breast reduction surgery so they can have more clothing options to choose from when shopping. Some women may resort to having to buy tops in larger sizes than necessary just so their breasts can fit comfortably inside the tops.

7. Access to more flattering bras

Women with overly large breasts reveal that lingerie options are often limited when they go shopping. The largest bras are often only available in neutral colors such as beige, white, or black, since larger sizes are less common than B- and C-cup bra sizes. Unfortunately, colorful, attractive bras may look pretty on the rack, but still tend to lack the support and comfort needed for women who have large breasts.

8. Elimination of sagging

Women with large breasts may also choose breast reduction surgery to eliminate problems with sagging breasts. Over time, gravity can cause breasts of any size to loose shape and take on a more saggy appearance. If you have large breasts and want to eliminate sagging, consult with your cosmetic surgeon about the possibility of also having breast lift surgery.

9. Less exposure to crude jokes

It’s nice to think we live in a friendly world among kind-hearted individuals, but many individuals continue to make off-color remarks about other people’s physical appearances from time to time. Frequently hearing snide remarks about your large breast size from friends, family members, or even partners can eventually take its toll on your confidence and overall well-being.

10. Improved self-esteem

As long as you have realistic expectations about the outcome of breast reduction surgery, you can benefit from improved self-esteem and confidence after having the procedure. If reducing your current breast size will make you feel more comfortable and happy in your everyday life, then breast reduction surgery may be the ideal cosmetic procedure for you.

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