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When Do Breast Implants Start To Feel Natural?

After breast augmentation, you may wonder how long it will take before your implants start to feel Breast Augmentationnatural, or “normal.” Within the first several days, weeks, or even months after having breast augmentation surgery, your implants may feel unnatural to you as a result of your living with your original breasts for your entire life.

From a psychological standpoint, it helps to go into surgery knowing that your implants will soon be a permanent part of your body and physique. However, getting physically used to your implants may take an extra bit of time, which is completely normal for breast augmentation patients.

How long does it really take for you to become used to your implants? The answer is different for everyone, but here are factors that can play a role in regards to how long it might take for you to adjust to having larger breasts.

Silicone versus saline implants

While silicone and saline implants are equally effective, silicone implants generally tend to feel more natural to patients sooner due to their softer texture. Sometimes, saline implants can ride higher than silicone implants, which can also affect the way they feel to you on your chest. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), silicone and saline implants are equally popular among women. However, many women reveal that they think silicone implants have a more natural, “normal” feel.

Breast implant location

Breast implants are most commonly placed under the pectoral muscle and women may become more conscious of their implants when contracting and flexing their chest muscles. On the other hand if your implants are placed above the muscle may feel normal much sooner as they will not be affected by muscle activity. If you have a significant amount of natural breast tissue your implants typically feel more natural sooner regardless of implant location.

Breast implant size

If you decide to go significantly larger with your implants, such as from an A cup to a D cup, it may take you longer to get used to your implants as a result of having supported smaller breasts throughout your life. If you feel any apprehension when it comes to choosing breasts that may be too large, ask your cosmetic surgeon if you can try wearing inserts so you can see how larger breasts will feel on your frame. In some cases, you might be glad you took your time to try different breast sizes, especially if the size you originally wanted feels too heavy and large.

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