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6 Great Ways To Enhance Your Cleavage

Enhancing your cleavage can help you feel more feminine, sexy, and attractive, and can even help make your breasts look rounder, fuller, and larger. While cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation and breast lift surgery can definitely play a role in helping you achieve great cleavage, there are other less invasive steps you can take to create this very edgy look.

Here are six great ways to achieve an impressive, attractive cleavage.

1. Try wearing engineered shapewear

Most department stores carry one or more lines of shapewear bras and bodysuits that have been created to mimic various body shapes that can be achieved through cosmetic surgery. Try on a series of foam-padded bras and bodysuits to find shapewear that best complements your body.

2. Sleep on your back as much as possible

Sleeping on your stomach can increase your likelihood for developing wrinkles on your chest. Try sleeping on your back as much as possible to reduce the development of wrinkles, and apply sunscreen and moisturizer to your chest to help keep unwanted wrinkles at bay.

3. Use cookies or cutlets

Use silicone pad bra inserts, which are known as cookies and cutlets, to manipulate the appearance of your cleavage. To achieve a deep cleavage, place a cutlet on the outside of each breast in the bra cup. If your breasts are heavier and you need a lift, place a cutlet underneath each breast inside the bra for greater cleavage.

4. Use bronzer makeup

Wear your favorite push-up bra, and use powdered or aerosol spray bronzer to outline your cleavage. If you own both types of bronzer products, outline your cleavage first using the spray, then apply a powder bronzer in a tone slightly darker than your natural skin tone to the area you just treated using the spray. This will result in a tasteful, natural-looking cleavage.

5. Add more v-necks to your wardrobe

V-neck tops have the ability to naturally accentuate cleavage no matter how large your breasts may be. If you have large breasts, v-neck tops can prevent your breasts from looking shapeless as they normally might if you typically wear tops that stretch tightly across your breasts.

6. Breast lift or breast augmentation

If you continue to struggle with achieving great cleavage after trying all other methods, then breast lift surgery and/or breast augmentation may be ideal for you. A breast lift is ideal for women whose breasts have lost their shape and perkiness due to aging or pregnancy, whereas breast augmentation is ideal for women who wish to enhance the size of their breasts. If both of these cosmetic breast procedures sound appealing, you can combine breast lift with augmentation to achieve your ideal look, as well as an attractive, youthful-looking cleavage.

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