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Can Smaller Breast Implants Make You Look And Feel More Natural?

In the United States, breast augmentation has been the top cosmetic surgical option for many women seeking to improve their appearance. It continues to be a highly sought-after procedure as women typically seek to achieve a more shapely, voluminous figure. However, many women are now opting for a more natural look with smaller implants.

A few celebrities, including Katie Price and Victoria Beckham, have reduced their breast implant size within the last six months to look and feel more natural. Others have mentioned the idea of decreasing breast implant size in order to avoid having bra straps cut into their shoulders while exercising.

The “Barbie” stereotype is no longer the culturally-accepted ideal body shape for women, according to experts in the fashion and style industry. Women are embracing the more natural look and reducing their breast size to look more proportionate.

If you’ve already undergone breast augmentation, consider the following factors before deciding to reduce your existing implants with smaller implants:

  • Bring all medical documentation and information about your original breast surgery to your initial consultation. Your cosmetic surgery team should know everything about your initial procedure to better plan for your next breast surgery.
  • Ask your doctor about using the same incision spots as used in your initial breast surgery. In most cases, your surgeon may be able to replace your current implants with smaller implants using the same incision locations.
  • Ask about the added benefits of a breast lift with breast augmentation surgery. If you’re looking to reduce the size of your implants, you may want to have a breast lift to help reduce and tighten excess skin.

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