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Revitalize Your Beauty Routine For The New Year!

A new year can be the most ideal time to revamp and revitalize your beauty routine if you feel as though you’re stuck in a beauty rut, or need a reinvention to help you meet and conquer your New Year’s resolutions. Refreshing your look can sometimes give you the confidence and self-esteem boost you need to feel more beautiful, renewed, and ready to face the New Year!

Looking to change your beauty routine? Try one or more of these new beauty routines to break into 2015 with a bang!

Change your hairstyle

Changing your hairstyle is one of the greatest changes you can make to refresh your appearance. Getting a haircut can help remove dead and split ends, and make your hair look healthier, stronger, and shinier. Plus, changing your hairstyle can sometimes help make the hairstyling process a bit easier while you’re getting dressed in the morning. Make an appointment with your hairstylist, and talk about the latest color and style trends that will make you stand out in the New Year.

Wear tinted moisturizer for a lighter, sheer look

Instead of piling layer upon layer of cream and powder foundation on your face, opt for a tinted moisturizer that contains anti-aging benefits. Apply the product as you would apply any type of moisturizer, and make sure you blend it thoroughly around your hairline. Wait 10 minutes after applying, then use a fine brush to apply conceal over any blemishes that come through. Tinted moisturizer will help your skin look more youthful and smooth without a feeling of heaviness on your face.

Use color to make your eyes pop

If black has been your go-to eyeliner color for as long as you can remember, buy a new colored eyeliner to bring out the color of your eyes. Either stick with the same shade as your eyes, or purchase a color that enhances your eyes. For example, brown eyes can be accentuated with brown eyeliner, or shades of purple and violet. Adding more color to your eye makeup routine can instantly whiten and brighten your look.

Stop with the clown-face blush

If you catch yourself looking like a doll or clown thanks to poorly-applied blush, it might be time to change your blush color. Natural-looking coral and rosy hues can help you look more youthful, and less garish. If you’re unsure about the blush color that’s right for you, spend a few minutes outdoors and look in the mirror when you come back inside. The blush that shows up naturally when you’re cold will be the color you want to use going forward. Better yet, ditch the blush altogether and start exercising on a regular basis to get a more natural-looking glow!

Lift your brow

If your eyelids have been looking a bit droopy as of late, make an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon that specializes in Botox, dermal fillers, or eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty. Each of these procedures are designed to reduce the appearance of folded or droopy eyelids, and can help you achieve a more youthful look and appearance.

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