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10 Careers That Can Be Enhanced Through Cosmetic Surgery

Have you ever considered undergoing cosmetic surgery, then disregarded the idea because you felt it was only for movie stars and celebrities? In today’s society, you don’t necessarily need to be a famous model or celebrity to have cosmetic surgery. In fact, millions of people in the United States have cosmetic surgery every year -- including moms, people who want to advance in their careers, seniors who want to reverse signs of aging, and everyone else in between.

When done for all the right reasons, cosmetic surgery can not only enhance your appearance, but your confidence and self-esteem as well. A number of emerging studies are even showing that enhancing your appearance through cosmetic surgery can help both men and women advance in their careers. While traditional workplace ethics say that education and intelligence should always outweigh physical appearance, this isn’t always the case, especially if your career requires you to always look your best.

Can your career be enhanced through cosmetic surgery? Here are 10 careers that could potentially be enhanced through cosmetic surgery.

1. Acting

While being an actor or actress requires you to have a number of great acting skills, the profession often goes hand in hand with having an attractive physical appearance. In addition to looking your best on the big screen, you may also want to look great for interviews, premieres, and red carpet events. Considering how competitive the acting industry continues to be year after year, cosmetic surgery could be one of the greatest investments you ever make if you’re an actor or actress.

2. Singing

It’s true that a career in singing makes you most recognizable for your voice, but just like actors and actresses, singers are often in the celebrity spotlight and expected to maintain an attractive physical appearance. However, despite being under scrutiny by the media, some singers refuse to have certain procedures such as rhinoplasty, which could potentially alter their singing voices.

3. Modeling

Your beauty doesn’t necessarily need to be 100 percent natural in order for you to have a successful modeling career. Some models choose to enhance their appearances through breast augmentation, liposuction, and mommy makeovers at some point in their careers. Most brands like the models they hire to have a strng physical beauty to help promote their products and services.

4. Dancing

While a career in dancing may require you to be in good physical health and shape, many dancers are required to have an attractive appearance, especially if they’re frequently performing on stage or on the big screen.

5. Politics

It’s comforting to think that everyone votes for politicians based on their beliefs and goals, but in many cases, politicians receive some votes based solely on their physical appearances. If you plan on succeeding at a career in politics, cosmetic surgery can enhance the way you look and appeal to certain audiences.

6. Journalism

Most individuals in the journalism and news industry frequently undergo cosmetic surgery to advance in their careers. Julie Chen, a journalist and talk-show host on CBS, recently admitted that she underwent blepharoplasty to advance her career as a news anchor. While her decision may have caused a temporary family rift, Chen admits that she has no regrets about her choice since it helped launch and propel her career.

7. Sales

Individuals who work in the sales industry, whether it be for real estate or marketing, often say that having an attractive physical appearance helps both them and their products and services appeal to a larger audience.

8. Waiting tables

Bartenders, waiters, and waitresses often invest in cosmetic surgery because they say it helps them earn larger tips and wages. If you truly enjoy waiting tables, and plan on making your profession into a life-long career, cosmetic surgery may be a great investment for the long term.

9. Corporate management

More men and women are starting to undergo cosmetic surgery to advance in their careers in corporate management. Studies say that middle-aged men and women are sometimes upstaged by their younger peers when it comes to promotions and pay raises. Botox, brow surgery, and eyelid surgery are some of the most popular cosmetic procedures for those who want to appear younger, more alert, and more energetic in the workplace.

10. Bodybuilding

While most bodybuilders already maintain their physical appearances in terms of exercise and fitness, they sometimes opt for cosmetic procedures for the sake of appealing to prospective clients. Most people want to be trained by professionals who can clearly demonstrate that they know how to take care of their physical appearance.

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