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Tips For A Healthy Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Daytime activities can often take a major toll on your skin, even if you feel that you’re already practicing a healthy skin care routine. Makeup, oil, pollution, and various weather conditions can wear out your skin throughout the course of the day, which means that by nighttime, your skin needs extra care. Even if you’re exhausted at the end of the day, it’s important that you provide your skin with the care and nutrients it needs to stay healthy, bright, and youthful-looking on a consistent basis.

Are you looking to step up your skin care routine this year? Take a look at the following tips that will help you maintain a healthy nighttime skin care routine.

Wash your face every night

If you typically shower in the morning, it can tempting to hop into bed after a long day without washing your face. However, any makeup residue you leave on your face will grind and soak into your skin while you sleep, and increase the risk for breakouts and clogged pores. In some cases, makeup residue can even stretch out your pores and make you look older. First, use an oil-based makeup remover strong enough to remove waterproof mascara so you’re not having to tug on your delicate skin. Then, use a cotton pad or cotton ball to swipe the makeup remover all over your skin. Lastly, use a gentle face cleanser to remove any lasting residue.

Using collagen-boosting products with vitamin A

According to cosmetic dermatologist Lisa Ginn, MD, collagen is key to preventing wrinkles and scars, and helps maintain smaller pores and tighter skin. As you continue to age, your skin may begin to produce less collagen. Ginn recommends using skin care products rich in vitamin A to help reduce the size of your pores and smooth fine lines. If you have fine lines and wrinkles on your face that won’t go away even with vitamin A skin care products, then you might benefit from dermal fillers or cosmetic injectables.

Start applying eye cream

The skin around your eyes can become thinner with age, and lead to more pronounced under-eye circles and a hollow appearance. Before going to bed, apply eye cream or serum that contains vitamins A, C, E, or K -- all of which can help lighten dark under-eye circles and repair skin. On the other hand, if you have sagging eyelids and bags under your eyes, you may benefit from undergoing eye lift surgery, also known as blepharoplasty.

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