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How To Speak To Friends And Family About Breast Augmentation

Now that you’ve decided to have breast augmentation, and have scheduled an appointment for your initial consultation or surgery, you may be feeling excited, determined, and nervous all at the same time. Pretty soon, you’ll have larger, more shapely breasts that will help you feel more confident and happy about your appearance.

However, considering you’ll be required to take time off from your normal, everyday life for surgery and recovery, you’ll eventually have to inform people in your life about your decision to have augmentation. This step may cause you to feel stressed and anxious -- especially if you’re concerned about how to announce your decision, and have doubts about whether your friends and family will support you through your journey.

The important factor to keep in mind is that breast augmentation is your choice, and that discussing this matter with friends and family is also your choice. However, speaking to friends and family about breast augmentation can often provide you with peace of mind and the support you need to ensure a healthy, successful recovery.

Your need for support

Considering breast augmentation is, in fact, surgery, you’ll need both emotional and physical support from your friends and family members. First, you’ll need someone to drive you to and from your appointment. Second, after you arrive back at home, you will need help with preparing meals, taking care of your pets and children, and performing other everyday activities as your body heals. Before speaking to your friends and family about breast augmentation, take your own needs into consideration so you can help them understand how important it is that you have their full support.

Speaking to your partner about augmentation

Many partners are supportive about their significant others’ decision to have augmentation, and will be happy to be by your side throughout your journey. However, some partners are less supportive, and may question your desire to have breast augmentation. If this applies to you, explain to your partner that your decision has been carefully thought through, and is not an impulse. Explain how breast augmentation will help you feel better about your body and appearance, and how it will boost your confidence and self-esteem. In most cases, gaining a thorough understanding about your choice can help your partner realize that breast augmentation truly is the right choice for you.

Speaking to friends about augmentation

Though you may feel apprehensive at first about telling your friends about your decision, keep in mind that genuine friends truly want what is best for you. In some cases, your friends may have had one or more cosmetic surgeries of their own, and will offer support in the form of tips, suggestions, and information. Some of your friends might even be excited about spending time with you during recovery, and will be more than happy to help you cook, run errands, and take care of your children as you recover.

Coping with family and friends who disapprove

Many people admit that they have one friend or family member who tends to be conservative in nature, or is fully against the concept of altering your physical appearance through cosmetic surgery. If you have a friend or family member you feel should know about your procedure but may not be supportive, be firm about your stance, and inform them that breast augmentation is your choice alone.

While you may have a list of reasons as to why breast augmentation is right for you, some people will remain firm in their decisions to disagree with you. If you feel that their resistance is due to their thinking your relationship will change after augmentation, impress that any changes will be positive, and that your relationship with them will not be affected. Sometimes, friends and family members will disagree with your choice only because they care about you and your health, and may have concerns about your overall well-being. Certainly you can try and reassure them, but ultimately the choice to have breast augmentation is yours.

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