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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

You may feel excited and nervous at the same time if you’ve been considering having cosmetic surgery and have made an appointment for your initial consultation. The dreams you’ve been having about your ideal look can finally come to fruition, and your surgeon may even open up your eyes to new ideas and feedback about the types of changes you’re interested in making to your body.

While the initial consultation is the beginning to an exciting new journey, it’s important that you arrive at the clinic with realistic expectations, and take all your surgeon’s feedback into serious consideration. Plus, you’ll want to adhere to your surgeon’s instructions in regards to becoming healthier prior to surgery so you can increase your chances at having the best possible outcome.

Preparing for your initial consultation

Even if you’ve already made an appointment for your initial consultation and have a certain ideal look in mind, devote more time to thinking about how you want to look and feel following cosmetic surgery. Do you want larger, rounder, perkier breasts? If so, you might want to combine breast augmentation with breast lift surgery. Are you interested in removing stubborn pockets of loose skin from all over your body? In addition to considering liposuction, you may also want to consider a tummy tuck or fat transfer procedure. As long as you arrive at your appointment with clear objectives in mind, your cosmetic surgeon can provide you with recommendations based on your body type.

Additionally, make a list of questions or concerns about surgery and bring them with you to your appointment. Are you worried about how long it will take for your body to recover from surgery? Do you have concerns about visible scarring and incision placement? Bring any and all questions to the table so they can be answered before you actually have surgery.

Before attending your appointment, ask your cosmetic surgeon about the documents they’ll need from you to get the surgery process rolling. In most cases, you will need to provide your full medical history, including a list of past and current health problems, previous surgeries, and a list of the medications and supplements you’re currently taking. Your medical history is important to the overall success of your cosmetic procedure.

During your consultation

In addition to bringing along all required medical information, be prepared to take notes during your consultation. Your surgeon may provide you with instructions or recommendations on becoming healthier before surgery so you can have a positive surgical outcome. Keep in mind that as a patient, you’re entitled to ask as many questions as you want during your consultation -- no matter how embarrassing you feel they might be. Your questions and concerns can help your surgeon determine what needs to be done to help you achieve your goals.

After you’ve spoken in length with your surgeon, you may undergo a physical examination so your surgeon can better determine whether the surgery you want done is realistic based on your current health and body type. For example, some patients interested in undergoing abdominoplasty may be advised to lose extra weight so that the surgeon can remove as much loose skin as possible. Your surgeon may also mark your body to show where incisions will be placed, and may take a few “before” photos.

After your consultation

At the time of your initial consultation, your cosmetic surgeon may provide you with instructions on how to prepare for surgery. If you’re a smoker, you may be advised to quit smoking for at least six weeks prior to surgery to lower your risk for complications. If you have children, your surgeon will recommend that you arrange for childcare on the day of surgery and for the first few days or weeks of recovery. Make sure you adhere to all instructions as best as possible so you can enjoy your new body and lower your risk for potential complications.

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