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5 Ways A Breast Reduction Can Improve Your Life

Can there ever be too much of a good thing? If you are considering a breast reduction because your large breasts are having a negative impact on your health, then your answer would likely be a resounding yes.

The problems of too-large breasts

Overly large breasts cause many problems for the women who must live with them, making it difficult to sleep, exercise and dress comfortably. The weight of very large breasts can leave painful bra indentations on the skin of women's shoulders and make it difficult to find flattering clothing styles.

Women may feel unattractive when they are top-heavy, or feel like their chests attract unwanted attention. Athletic women may feel like their large breasts prevent them from being competitive in sports, and overly large breasts can cause physical problems like back and neck pain, skin irritation, and poor posture.

If your over-sized breasts are negatively impacting your life, breast reduction surgery can help.

Your body image will improve

When everything is proportional, it's only natural that you will feel better about your body. Clothes shopping will be easier when you can buy similar sizes in tops and bottoms. You may also feel more comfortable wearing swimsuits or other revealing clothing.

You will feel better physically

The back and neck pain that was a daily companion in the past will be much improved after a breast reduction. It will be easier to stand up straight and your posture will be better. Bra straps will no longer cut into your shoulders as they try to hold everything up.

Exercising will be easier

Being top heavy makes exercise awkward and balance all but impossible. Breast reduction will make exercise much more comfortable, and will level the playing field for competitive athletes.

No more skin problems

Because overly large breasts press against the skin more and are often constricted by too-tight bras, skin irritation and rashes can be a constant problem, especially in the heat of summer. After breast reduction surgery, many women find that the rashes clear up and stay away.

Lots more confidence

Large breasts can feel like they get in the way of many things. When your breasts become just another proportional part of your body, it can give you more confidence to go after what you want from life, with nothing in the way or holding you back.

When done correctly, breast reduction surgery typically doesn't reduce nipple sensation or lead to permanent numbness. Scars will remain after surgery, but they are typically barely noticeable and in areas that are covered by a bra. Recent surveys have suggested that most women feel more satisfied with their appearance as well as their physical and emotional well-being after surgery.

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