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Why You Should Choose Buttocks Fat Transfer Over Buttocks Implants

Buttocks augmentation has risen in popularity within the last few years by 54 percent, according to statistics provided by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This latest plastic surgery trend first began when Jennifer Lopez strutted her curves onto the red carpet, and has soared in popularity even more since the release of Kim Kardashian’s notorious photo shoot for Paper Magazine.

The two most common procedures used today for buttocks augmentation are the Brazilian butt lift, which is also known as buttocks fat transfer, and buttocks implants. Most cosmetic surgeons prefer to perform the Brazilian butt lift, since the procedure is associated with fewer complications, and tends to produce a more natural look.

The difference between fat transfer and implants

Buttocks fat transfer involves using a patient’s own fat to enhance the appearance of the buttocks. During the procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will harvest fat from your back, thighs, abdomen, or flank region using liposuction. Your fat is harvested, prepared for injection, and then injected into your buttocks to achieve the desired volume and shape.

Buttocks implants, on the other hand, involve inserting round or oval implants that are much like breast implants into the buttocks. Most implants are filled with silicone for durability purposes, and can often resist deflation, rupturing, and spilling. Considering a great majority of your body weight rests on your buttocks when you sit or lie down, durability is an important feature of buttocks implants.

The benefits of buttocks fat transfer over implants

Buttocks implants are often associated with a higher number of risks and complications, such as implant displacement, fluid accumulation, and capsular contracture. Plus, some cosmetic surgeons report that buttocks implants often feel less natural than results produced by the Brazilian butt lift. Lastly, buttocks implants aren’t necessarily permanent, and patients may have to undergo additional buttocks implant replacement surgeries between eight and 12 months after the first procedure.

Buttocks fat transfer, on the other hand, produces results that are more natural in both look and feel, and does not pose any risk for capsular conjecture or rupturing of the implants. Buttocks fat transfer is also less invasive, and typically does not require general anesthesia. Instead, the buttocks can be treated with local anesthesia, and you may be provided with oral medication that can help reduce discomfort associated with the fat transfer procedure. In the end, patients benefit from a speedier recovery time and lower overall risk for complications.

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