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How To Reduce And Eliminate Crow's Feet

As you grow older, you may notice that the crow’s feet around your eyes will become more pronounced. Crow’s feet are typically viewed as a normal part of the aging process, and can be caused by smiling, squinting, and sleeping. When you smile, take note of the small lines that extend from the corners of your eyes out toward your temples. Then, stop smiling to see if those lines go away. If the lines stay in place, it means that you have crow’s feet.

While crow’s feet cannot always be prevented, there are steps you can take to smooth out these fine lines and minimize their appearance so your face can continue to maintain a bright, youthful look.

Here are a few steps you can take to reduce and eliminate crow’s feet:

Wear sunglasses

The second most common cause of crow’s feet is squinting. When you’re spending time outdoors in bright sunlight without sunglasses, you’ll be squinting more frequently to block the sun’s rays from your eyes so you can see. As a result, repetitive squinting will cause elastin and collagen in your face to break down and further promote the development of wrinkles. Wear sunglasses with UV protection every day when you’re exposed to sunlight to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet.

Change the way you sleep

According to Dr. Neal Schultz, the founder of BeautyRX skin care, one of the best ways to avoid facial wrinkles is to sleep on your back and use a u-shaped travel pillow. If a u-shaped travel pillow is too uncomfortable for you to sleep with, consider using a silk pillowcase. Sometimes, when you sleep on a pillowcase made from cotton or another type of rough fabric, your skin can be tugged or pulled by the pillowcase if you toss and turn or change positions. However, a silk pillowcase will allow your skin to slide around much easier.

Exfoliate your skin daily

Exfoliating your skin will remove any dead skin cells that reside on the top layer of your skin, which forces fresh skin to the surface. The exfoliation process will also add volume to your skin, which can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Look for exfoliating skin care products that contain glycolic acid and peptides, both of which carry a number of anti-aging benefits.

Cosmetic injectables and laser treatment

If your face isn’t showing signs of crow’s feet just yet, speak to a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic injectables such as or Xeomin to determine whether these treatments can help prevent the development of crow’s feet. Botox can often help prevent collagen from breaking down completely before it leads to crow’s feet. Alternately, consult with your cosmetic surgeon about possible laser treatments that can help reduce or eliminate crow’s feet. In most cases, laser treatments such as laser skin resurfacing, IPL, and laser skin rejuvenation can trick your body into building more collagen to heal surface wounds.

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